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Non-magical and magical helmets.


Item ResRef Tag GP Value
Adamantine Helm x2_it_adahelm x2_it_adahelm 3,351
Beholder Crown x0_armhe014 X0_ARMHE014 63,268
Cowl of Warding x0_armhe015 X0_ARMHE015 49,003
Crown of Thorns x2_helm_004 x2_helm_004 377,315
Drow Helm x2_ardrowhe001 X2_ARDROWHE001 17
Duergar Helm x2_arduerhe001 X2_ARDUERHE001 17
Eyes of Charming x0_armhe003 X0_ARMHE003 3,003
Eyes of Doom x0_armhe004 X0_ARMHE004 2,253
Eyes of Petrification x0_armhe006 X0_ARMHE006 62,470
Eyes of the Eagle x0_armhe005 X0_ARMHE005 362
Fighter Helmet x2_it_arhelm03 x2_it_arhelm03 17
Goggles of Minute Seeing x0_armhe007 X0_ARMHE007 1,442
Goggles of Night x0_armhe008 X0_ARMHE008 1,003
Golden Circlet nw_armhe010 NW_ARMHE010 19,407
Greater Mask of Persuasion nw_armhe012 NW_ARMHE012 11,699
Headband of Intellect +2 x0_armhe009 X0_ARMHE009 5,763
Headband of Intellect +4 x0_armhe010 X0_ARMHE010 23,043
Headband of Intellect +6 x0_armhe011 X0_ARMHE011 51,843
Headband of the Binder x0_armhe016 X0_ARMHE016 924
Helm of Brilliance x0_armhe012 X0_ARMHE012 59,106
Helm of Darkness x0_armhe017 X0_ARMHE017 63,793
Helm of the Stranger x2_armhe001 X2_ARMHE001 42,963
Horse Hair Helmet nw_arhe004 NW_ARHE004 17
Lichskull x2_helm_001 x2_helm_001 74,307
Major Circlet of Blasting x0_armhe002 X0_ARMHE002 12,940
Mask of Death x0_armhe013 X0_ARMHE013 45,678
Mask of Persuasion nw_armhe011 NW_ARMHE011 3,923
Mask of the Skull x2_armhe002 X2_ARMHE002 40,953
Minor Circlet of Blasting x0_armhe001 X0_ARMHE001 6,753
Moonstone Mask nw_it_novel004 NW_IT_NOVEL004 8,529
Paladin Helmet x2_it_arhelm01 x2_it_arhelm01 17
Platinum Helm x2_helm_003 x2_helm_003 63,755
Pot Helmet nw_arhe001 NW_ARHE001 17
Purple Dragon Helmet x3_it_pdhelmet X3_IT_PDHELMET 17
Shukenja Helm nw_armhe008 NW_ARMHE008 4,604
Spike Helmet nw_arhe002 NW_ARHE002 17
Stag Helmet nw_arhe005 NW_ARHE005 17
Thayvian Circlet nw_armhe009 NW_ARMHE009 13,289
The Regal x2_helm_002 x2_helm_002 86,028
Thieves' Hood nw_armhe007 NW_ARMHE007 5,525
Watchman's Helm nw_armhe006 NW_ARMHE006 10,115
Winged Helmet nw_arhe003 NW_ARHE003 17

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress, contributor: Kookoo