ITEM_APPR_TYPE_* Constant Group

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Used by CopyItemAndModify to select what kind of modification to make.


Constant Value Description
ITEM_APPR_TYPE_SIMPLE_MODEL 0 Simple model item appearance change
ITEM_APPR_TYPE_WEAPON_COLOR 1 Weapon color change
ITEM_APPR_TYPE_WEAPON_MODEL 2 Weapon model change
ITEM_APPR_TYPE_ARMOR_MODEL 3 Armor model change
ITEM_APPR_TYPE_ARMOR_COLOR 4 Armor color change

This is a separate constant used if you need to loop the above constants.

Constant Value Description
ITEM_APPR_NUM_TYPES 5 There are 5 types of appearance that can be changed, 0 through 4, as per above.

See Also

functions: CopyItemAndModify