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Nwnee logo.jpg Note: This article documents Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition new content or changes/updates/fixes to 1.69 functions. These are all listed under the category and patches pages.

Set eEffect to ignore immunities and return eEffect.

effect IgnoreEffectImmunity(
    effect eEffect


The input effect to modify to ignore immunity effetcs.


Set eEffect to ignore immunities and return eEffect.


Generally this will mean you can bypass EffectImmunity type immunities (also from item properties).

It won't bypass cases such as EffectCharmed not working on creatures who are associates of another creature, or EffectDominated not affecting PC associates.

EffectDamage also will bypass EffectDamageImmunityIncrease (and actually bypass decreases as well) although will not bypass EffectDamageResistance or EffectDamageReduction although the latter can by bypassed by the power of the damage effect.


This function was added in 1.86.8193.35 of NWN:EE.


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