Interactive Objects

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Interactive Objects

Sounds that placeables like containers and switches make. For door noises, look at the door sounds page.


Sound Appears Description Notes Expansion
as_sw_chestcl1 standard chest closes Single Shot -
as_sw_chestop1 standard chest opens Single Shot -
as_sw_clothcl1 cloth bag drawn closed Single Shot -
as_sw_clothlk1 ropes, cloth, knot tied Single Shot -
as_sw_clothop1 cloth bag opens Single Shot -
as_sw_cratecl1 crate closes Single Shot -
as_sw_crateop1 crate opens Single Shot -
as_sw_drawercl1 drawer slides closed Single Shot -
as_sw_drawerop1 drawer slides open Single Shot -
as_sw_genericcl1 generic container closes Single Shot -
as_sw_genericlk1 generic container locks Single Shot -
as_sw_genericop1 generic container opens Single Shot -
as_sw_lever1 metal lever pulled Single Shot -
as_sw_metalcl1 small metal object closes Single Shot -
as_sw_metalop1 small metal object opens Single Shot -
as_sw_pulybucket pulley squeaks, rolls, rope pulls Single Shot -
as_sw_stonecl1 stone scrapes into place Single Shot -
as_sw_stonelk1 stone clicks into place Single Shot -
as_sw_stoneop1 stone scrapes aside Single Shot -
as_sw_stonplate1 stone door slides shut, seals Single Shot -
as_sw_woodplate1 wood panel slides shut, seals Single Shot -
as_sw_x2gong1 gong rings Single Shot HotU
as_sw_x2gong2 gong rings Single Shot HotU
as_sw_x2gong3 gong rings Single Shot HotU

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress, contributor: Tyndrel