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Plot based rings can be found on the Plot Items page.


Items ResRef Tag GP Value
Aribeth's Ring x0_it_mring007 X0_IT_MRING007 37,813
Bone Ring x0_it_mring008 X0_IT_MRING008 2,813
Commander's Ring x0_it_mring009 X0_IT_MRING009 28,520
Copper Ring nw_it_mring021 NW_IT_MRING021 24
Gold Ring nw_it_mring023 NW_IT_MRING023 499
Horned Ring x3_it_hornedring X3_IT_HORNEDRING 495,012
Ironskin Ring x2_it_mring017 X2_IT_MRING017 54,451
Lesser Ring of Power nw_it_mring029 NW_IT_MRING029 9,888
Major Ring of Universal Elemental Resistance x2_it_mring019 X2_IT_MRING019 296,450
Nasher's Ring of Strength x2_nash_ring x2_nash_ring 16,201
Purple Dragon Ring x0_it_mring013 X0_IT_MRING013 8,282
Ring of Animal Friendship x0_it_mring001 X0_IT_MRING001 3,528
Ring of Clear Thought +1 nw_it_mring006 NW_IT_MRING006 1,801
Ring of Clear Thought +2 nw_it_mring014 NW_IT_MRING014 7,201
Ring of Clear Thought +3 nw_it_mring015 NW_IT_MRING015 16,201
Ring of Clear Thought +4 nw_it_mring016 NW_IT_MRING016 28,801
Ring of Clear Thought +5 nw_it_mring017 NW_IT_MRING017 45,001
Ring of Clear Thought +6 x2_it_mneck020 X2_IT_MRING020 64,801
Ring of Clear Thought +7 x2_it_mneck021 X2_IT_MRING021 88,201
Ring of Clear Thought +8 x2_it_mneck022 X2_IT_MRING022 115,201
Ring of Clear Thought +9 x2_it_mneck023 X2_IT_MRING023 145,801
Ring of Clear Thought +10 x2_it_mneck024 X2_IT_MRING024 180,001
Ring of Crimson nw_it_mring010 NW_IT_MRING010 201
Ring of Cyan nw_it_mring009 NW_IT_MRING009 201
Ring of Disease Immunity x0_it_mring010 X0_IT_MRING010 1,251
Ring of Elemental Acid Immunity x2_it_mring007 X2_IT_MRING007 165,313
Ring of Elemental Cold Immunity x2_it_mring008 X2_IT_MRING008 165,313
Ring of Elemental Fire Immunity x2_it_mring010 X2_IT_MRING010 165,313
Ring of Elemental Lightning Immunity x2_it_mring009 X2_IT_MRING009 165,313
Ring of Elemental Resistance nw_it_mring002 NW_IT_MRING002 18,288
Ring of Elemental Sonic Immunity x2_it_mring011 X2_IT_MRING011 165,313
Ring of Force Shield x0_it_mring005 X0_IT_MRING005 3,656
Ring of Fortitude +1 nw_it_mring024 nw_it_mring024 428
Ring of Fortitude +2 nw_it_mring025 nw_it_mring025 1,907
Ring of Fortitude +3 nw_it_mring026 nw_it_mring026 4,442
Ring of Fortitude +4 nw_it_mring027 nw_it_mring027 8,033
Ring of Fortitude +5 nw_it_mring028 nw_it_mring028 12,681
Ring of Fortitude +6 x2_it_mring025 X2_IT_MRING025 38,157
Ring of Fortitude +7 x2_it_mring026 X2_IT_MRING026 63,903
Ring of Fortitude +8 x2_it_mring027 X2_IT_MRING027 103,512
Ring of Fortitude +9 x2_it_mring028 X2_IT_MRING028 135,200
Ring of Fortitude +10 x2_it_mring029 X2_IT_MRING029 357,013
Ring of Freedom of Movement x0_it_mring006 X0_IT_MRING006 20,001
Ring of Hiding x0_it_mring002 X0_IT_MRING002 648
Ring of Holiness nw_it_mring007 NW_IT_MRING007 13,407
Ring of Improved Evasion x0_it_mring004 X0_IT_MRING004 11,251
Ring of Insight nw_it_mring012 NW_IT_MRING012 450
Ring of Invisibility nw_it_mring003 NW_IT_MRING003 6,470
Ring of Jade nw_it_mring011 NW_IT_MRING011 201
Ring of Magic Defences nw_it_mring005 NW_IT_MRING005 14,710
Ring of Major Acid Resistance x2_it_mring001 X2_IT_MRING001 7,503
Ring of Major Cold Resistance x2_it_mring002 X2_IT_MRING002 9,800
Ring of Major Electrical Resistance x2_it_mring003 X2_IT_MRING003 12,403
Ring of Major Fire Resistance x2_it_mring004 X2_IT_MRING004 15,313
Ring of Major Sonic Resistance x2_it_mring005 X2_IT_MRING005 15,313
Ring of Might x0_it_mring011 X0_IT_MRING011 5,001
Ring of Nine Lives x0_it_mring012 X0_IT_MRING012 61,876
Ring of Power nw_it_mring030 NW_IT_MRING030 97,627
Ring of Protection +1 nw_it_mring001 NW_IT_MRING001 821
Ring of Protection +2 nw_it_mring008 NW_IT_MRING008 3,656
Ring of Protection +3 nw_it_mring018 NW_IT_MRING018 8,516
Ring of Protection +4 nw_it_mring019 NW_IT_MRING019 15,401
Ring of Protection +5 nw_it_mring020 NW_IT_MRING020 24,311
Ring of Protection +6 x2_it_mring012 X2_IT_MRING012 73,153
Ring of Protection +7 x2_it_mring013 X2_IT_MRING013 122,512
Ring of Protection +8 x2_it_mring014 X2_IT_MRING014 198,450
Ring of Protection +9 x2_it_mring015 X2_IT_MRING015 259,200
Ring of Protection +10 x2_it_mring016 X2_IT_MRING016 684,451
Ring of Regeneration nw_it_mring004 NW_IT_MRING004 86,051
Ring of Regeneration x3_it_ringregen X3_IT_RINGREGEN 4,050
Ring of Resistance +1 nw_it_mring031 NW_IT_MRING031 2,907
Ring of Resistance +2 nw_it_mring032 NW_IT_MRING032 9,626
Ring of Resistance +3 nw_it_mring033 NW_IT_MRING033 20,251
Ring of Scholars nw_it_mring013 NW_IT_MRING013 1,251
Ring of Spell Battle x0_it_mring014 X0_IT_MRING014 18,675
Ring of the Ram x2_it_mring006 X2_IT_MRING006 8,600
Ring of the Wood Elves nw_it_novel001 NW_IT_NOVEL001 11,251
Ring of Universal Elemental Immunity x2_it_mring018 X2_IT_MRING018 2,645,001
Shiver-ring x2_cus_ring x2_cus_ring 28,801
Silver Ring nw_it_mring022 NW_IT_MRING022 124
Stoneeater's Ring x2_ring_pet x2_ring_pet 37,126
The Nomad's Ring x1_it_mring001 X1_IT_MRING001 16,653
The Wanderer's Ring x1_it_mring002 X1_IT_MRING002 16,653

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress, contributor: Kookoo