JsonArrayTransform(json, int)

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Create a empty json array.

json JsonArrayTransform(
    json jArray,
    int nTransform


json array to transform
JSON_ARRAY_* transformation to perform


Returns a modified copy of jArray with the value order changed according to nTransform:

  • JSON_ARRAY_SORT_ASCENDING, JSON_ARRAY_SORT_DESCENDING - Sorting is dependent on the type and follows json standards (.e.g. 99 < "100").
  • JSON_ARRAY_SHUFFLE - Randomises the order of elements.
  • JSON_ARRAY_REVERSE - Reverses the array.
  • JSON_ARRAY_UNIQUE - Returns a modified copy of jArray with duplicate values removed. Coercable but different types are not considered equal (e.g. 99 != "99"); int/float equivalence however applies: 4.0 == 4. Order is preserved.
  • JSON_ARRAY_COALESCE - Returns the first non-null entry. Empty-ish values (e.g. "", 0) are not considered null, only the json scalar type.


This function was added in 1.86.8193.34 of NWN:EE.


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