LineOfSightVector(vector, vector)

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Returns whether there's a direct line between two positions.

int LineOfSightVector(
    vector vSource,
    vector vTarget


Source position
Target position


Returns whether or not there is a direct line of sight between the two vectors. (Not blocked by any geometry).

This function must be run on a valid object in the area it will not work on the module or area.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an expensive function and may degrade performance if used frequently.


Vectors are location markers - being a set of 3 co-ordinates (X, Y, Z), and so this can be used instead of LineOfSightObject() if the 2 objects just had their vector got by GetPosition(). Note that the Z position should be ground height + 1.0 if you wish to fully mimic LineOfSightObject.

The note about "run on a valid object in the area" is akin to it running GetArea(OBJECT_SELF) on the calling script. Why there isn't a parameter for an area to be passed in is anyones guess.



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 author: Lilac Soul, editor: Jasperre