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Miscellaneous exterior placeables.


Placeables ResRef Tag
Big Hole x2_plc_hole_b X2_PLC_HOLE_B
Birdbath plc_birdbath Birdbath
Brazier plc_brazier Brazier
Brazier x3_plc_brazier x3_plc_brazier
Bread x0_bread Bread
Cage plc_animalcage AnimalCage
Campfire plc_campfr Campfire
Campfire plc_campfrwpot CampfireCauldron
Campfire plc_campfrwspit CampfirewithSpit
Cocoon plc_spdcocoon SpiderwebCocoon
Doorway x0_doormetal DoorMetal
Doorway x0_stonewalldoor x0_stonewalldoor
Dragon Statue x2_plc_statu_dra X2_PLC_STATU_DRA
Easel plc_pntingeasel PaintingonEasel
Fallen Timber x0_fallentimber FallenTimber
Female Statue x2_plc_statue_f X2_PLC_STATUE_F
Flaming Statue x2_plc_statue_fl X2_PLC_STATUE_FL
Footprint nw_plc_footprntl nw_plc_footprntl
Footprint nw_plc_footprntr nw_plc_footprntr
Fountain plc_fountain Fountain
Garbage plc_garbage Garbage
Gnomish Contraption plc_gnomcntrptn GnomishContraptionEngine
Golem Parts x0_golempartsbon GolemPartsBone
Golem Parts x0_golempartscla GolemPartsClay
Golem Parts x0_golempartsiro GolemPartsIron
Golem Parts x0_golempartssto GolemPartsStone
Gong plc_gong Gong
Hitching Post x3_plc_hpost x3_plc_hpost
Hobby Horse x0_hobbyhorse x0_hobbyhorse
Inventory x1_hen_inv hen_inventory
Invisible Object plc_invisobj InvisibleObject
Invisible Wall (blocks movement,
 visible for easy placement until
 initial state is set to "Deactivated").
x3_plc_inviswal x3_plc_inviswal
Keg plc_keg Keg
Ladder x0_ladder x0_ladder
Ladder x0_weatheredladd WeatheredLadder
Lamp Post plc_lamppost Lamp Post
List 1 x3_plc_list005 x3_plc_list005
List 1, Walkable x3_plc_list001 x3_plc_list001
List 2 x3_plc_list006 x3_plc_list006
List 2, Walkable x3_plc_list002 x3_plc_list002
List 3 x3_plc_list007 x3_plc_list007
List 3, Walkable x3_plc_list003 x3_plc_list003
List 4 x3_plc_list008 x3_plc_list008
List 4, Walkable x3_plc_list004 x3_plc_list004
Mining Well x2_plc_minewell X2_PLC_MINEWELL
Mining Well Platform x2_plc_minewellb X2_PLC_MINEWELLB
Monster Statue x2_plc_statue_mo X2_PLC_STATUE_MO
Net nw_plc_net nw_plc_net
Obelisk nw_plc_seaobelsk nw_plc_seaobelsk
Obelisk x0_obelisk x0_obelisk
Parrot nw_plc_parrot nw_plc_parrot
Pedestal plc_pedestal Pedestal
Pedestal, Evil x3_plc_pedestal x3_plc_pedestal
Pedestal, Sword x3_plc_pedsword x3_plc_pedsword
Pillar plc_pillar1 PillarStyle1
Pillar plc_pillar2 PillarStyle2
Pillar plc_pillar3 PillarStyle3
Planar Gate x2_deathdoor x2_deathdoor
Planar Gate x2_homedoor x2_homedoor
Planar Gate x2_leaderdoor x2_leaderdoor
Planar Gate x2_reapdoor x2_reapdoor
Puddle nw_plc_puddle1 nw_plc_puddle1
Puddle nw_plc_puddle2 nw_plc_puddle2
Raft nw_plc_raft nw_plc_raft
Raft nw_plc_raftbroke nw_plc_raftbroke
Rope Coil nw_plc_ropecoil1 nw_plc_ropecoil1
Rope Coil nw_plc_ropecoil2 nw_plc_ropecoil2
Rubble nw_pl_rubble001 NW_PL_RUBBLE001
Rubble x0_cityrubble1 X0_CITYRUBBLE1
Rubble x0_cityrubble2 CityRubble2
Rubble, Large x3_plc_rubble4 x3_plc_rubble4
Rune Circle x0_runecircle x0_RuneCircle
Rune Stone x0_runestone1 x0_RuneStone1
Rune Stone x0_runestone2 x0_RuneStone2
Rune Stone x0_runestone3 x0_RuneStone3
Scaffolding x3_plc_scaff001 x3_plc_scaff001
Scaffolding x3_plc_scaff002 x3_plc_scaff002
Sea Idol nw_plc_seaidol nw_plc_seaidol
Small Hole x2_plc_hole_s X2_PLC_HOLE_S
Sphinx Statue x0_sphinxstatue SphinxStatue
Statue nw_stat_garg NW_STAT_GARG
Statue plc_statue1 Statue - Stone
Statue plc_statue3 NW_STATUE3
Statue x3_plc_gg001 x3_plc_gg001
Statue of Lathander x2_plc_statue_la X2_PLC_STATUE_LA
Statue, Cyric x3_plc_statuec x3_plc_statuec
Statue, Huge x2_plc_statue_h X2_PLC_STATUE_H
Statue, Wyvern x3_plc_statuew x3_plc_statuew
Stone Circle x0_stonecircle x0_stonecircle
Sundial plc_sundial Sundial
Tent x2_plc_tent_b X2_PLC_TENT_B
Tent x2_plc_tent_r X2_PLC_TENT_R
Torch Bracket plc_freetorch FreestandingTorchBracket
Volkarion x2djinndialog q2djinndialog
Wagon plc_emptywagon EmptyWagon
Wagon plc_fullwagon FullWagon
Wagon x3_plc_wagon x3_plc_wagon
WagonWheel plc_wagonwheel Wagon Wheel
Water Trough plc_watertrough WaterTrough
Web x2_plc_web X2_PLC_WEB
Well plc_well Well
Window x0_window Window

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress, contributor: Tyndrel