Miscellaneous Interior

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Miscellaneous Interior

Miscellaneous interior placeables (like furniture).


Placeables ResRef Tag
Altar plc_altrevil AltarShrineEvil
Altar plc_altrgood AltarShrineGood
Altar plc_altrneutral AltarShrineNeutral
Altar x3_plc_evlaltar x3_plc_evlaltar
Bear Skin Rug x0_bearskinrug1 x0_bearskinrug1
Bed nw_plc_dwarfbed nw_plc_dwarfbed
Bed plc_bed Bed
Bed x0_beddouble BedDouble
Bed x0_largebed x0_largebed
Bed Roll plc_bedrolls BedBeddingRolls
Bench nw_plc_dwarfbnch nw_plc_dwarfbnch
Bench plc_bench BenchPew
Bench x0_largebench x0_largebench
Bench x3_plc_bench001 x3_plc_bench001
Bench x3_plc_bench002 x3_plc_bench002
Bench, Large x3_plc_bench003 x3_plc_bench003
Bench, overthrown x3_plc_bench004 x3_plc_bench004
Bird Cage plc_birdcage BirdCage
Bookcase x0_bookcase03 Bookcase3
Bookcase x0_bookcase2 x0_bookcase2
Broken Bookcase x2_plc_bbookcase X2_PLC_BBOOKCASE
Broken Chair x0_brokenchair1 BrokenChair1
Broken Chair x0_brokenchair2 BrokenChair2
Broken Chair x0_brokenchair3 BrokenChair3
Broken Chair x0_brokenchair4 BrokenChair4
Broken Furniture x0_brokenfurnit1 x0_brokenfurniture1
Broken Furniture x0_brokenfurnit2 x0_brokenfurniture2
Broken Pillar x0_brokenpillar BrokenPillar
Broken Table x0_brokentable BrokenTable
Broken Table x0_brokentable2 BrokenTable2
Broken Table Leg x0_brokenfurnit BrokenFurnitureLeg
Bunk Bed x2_plc_bunkbed X2_PLC_BUNKBED
Candelabra plc_candelabra Candelabra
Candle nw_plc_candle1 nw_plc_candle1
Candle nw_plc_candle1na nw_plc_candle1na
Candle nw_plc_candle2 nw_plc_candle2
Candle nw_plc_candle2na nw_plc_candle2na
Carpet x0_roundrugorien RoundRugOriental
Carpet x0_ruglarge RugLarge
Carpet x0_rugoriental RugOriental
Carpet x0_rugoriental2 RugOriental2
Chair nw_plc_dwarfchar nw_plc_dwarfchar
Chair nw_plc_seachair nw_plc_seachair
Chair plc_chair Chair
Chair x0_bigchair Chair
Chair x0_chair2 Chair
Chandelier x0_chandelier Chandelier
Cookpot x0_cookpot Cookpot
Cot plc_cot BedCot
Couch plc_couch Couch
Cushions x0_cushions x0_cushions
Dartboard x3_plc_dartbrd x3_plc_dartbrd
Desk x0_librarydesk x0_librarydesk
Desk x0_smalldesk x0_smalldesk
Desk x0_wizdesk x0_wizdesk
Doorway plc_doorway Doorway
Drow Altar x2_plc_drowaltar X2_PLC_DROWALTAR
Drow Bar x2_plc_drowbar X2_PLC_DROWBAR
Drow Bookcase x2_plc_dbookc X2_PLC_DBOOKC
Drow Chair x2_plc_chairdrow X2_PLC_CHAIRDROW
Drow Table x2_plc_tabledrow X2_PLC_TABLEDROW
Floor Design plc_flrdesigns1 FloorDesignsStyle1
Floor Design plc_flrdesigns2 FloorDesignsStyle2
Floor Design plc_flrdesigns3 FloorDesignsStyle3
Floor-anchored shackles plc_flrshackles Flooranchoredshackles
Footstool plc_footstool Footstool
Giant Pot x3_plc_pot001 x3_plc_pot001
Giant Pot x3_plc_pot002 x3_plc_pot002
Hanging Dwarf Skeleton nw_plc_hungdwfsk nw_plc_hungdwfsk
Hanging Shield x0_hangshield x0_hangshield
Hidden Trapdoor nw_pl_hiddendr03 NW_PL_HIDDENDR03
Hidden Trapdoor Trigger nw_pl_hiddendr04 NW_PL_HIDDENDR04
Hidden Wall Door nw_pl_hiddendr01 NW_PL_HIDDENDR01
Hidden Wall Door Trigger nw_pl_hiddendr02 NW_PL_HIDDENDR02
Illithid Chair x2_plc_chairmind X2_PLC_CHAIRMIND
Illithid Table x2_plc_tablemind X2_PLC_TABLEMIND
Large Mirror x2_plc_mirror_lg X2_PLC_MIRROR_LG
Loom x0_loom Loom
Map x0_maps Map
Mirror x2_plc_mirror X2_PLC_MIRROR
Ottoman x0_ottoman x0_ottoman
Oven plc_woodoven WoodBurningOven
Overgrown Pillar x0_overgrownrui OvergrownRuinedPillar
Painting x0_painting X0_PAINTING
Painting x0_painting2 x0_painting2
Phylactery x2_plc_phylact X2_PLC_PHYLACT
Pillar x0_ruinedpillar X0_RUINEDPILLAR
Pillar 1, Barrows x3_plc_pillarb1 x3_plc_pillarb1
Pillar 2, Barrows x3_plc_pillarb2 x3_plc_pillarb2
Pillar 3, Barrows x3_plc_pillarb3 x3_plc_pillarb3
Pillar 4, Barrows x3_plc_pillarb4 x3_plc_pillarb4
Pillar, Wood x3_plc_pillar1 x3_plc_pillar1
Pillar, Wood Broken x3_plc_pillar2 x3_plc_pillar2
Plate x0_plate Plate
Potted Plant plc_pottedplant Potted Plant
Round Wooden Table x2_plc_tablernd X2_PLC_TABLERND
Ruined Fence x0_fenceruined FenceRuined
Rune Pillar x0_runepillar x0_runepillar
Sarcophagus x0_tomb x0_tomb
Shrine of Umberlee nw_plc_shrnumbr1 nw_plc_shrnumbr1
Shrine of Umberlee nw_plc_shrnumbr2 nw_plc_shrnumbr2
Stand x3_plc_stand001 x3_plc_stand001
Stone Trap Door x0_stonetrapdoo1 x0_stonetrapdoor1
Stone Trap Door x0_stonetrapdoo2 x0_stonetrapdoor2
Stool plc_stool Stool
Table nw_plc_dwarftabl nw_plc_dwarftabl
Table nw_plc_seatable nw_plc_seatable
Table plc_table Table
Table x3_plc_table001 x3_plc_table001
Table, large x3_plc_table002 x3_plc_table002
Table, overthrown x3_plc_table003 x3_plc_table003
Throne plc_throneevil ThroneEvil
Throne plc_thronegood ThroneGood
Throne x0_thronewood Chair
Throw Rug plc_throwrug ThrowRug
Tome x0_tome x0_tome
Trap Door plc_trapdoor TrapDoor
Trap Door x0_woodgrate x0_woodgrate
Troglodyte Bed nw_plc_trogbed nw_plc_trogbed
Troglodyte Egg nw_plc_trogegg nw_plc_trogegg
Troglodyte Nest nw_plc_trognest nw_plc_trognest
Troglodyte Shrine nw_plc_trogshrin nw_plc_trogshrin
Troglodyte Throne nw_plc_trogthron nw_plc_trogthron
Urn plc_urn Urn
Vase x0_bigvase x0_bigvase
Vase x0_vaseflower VaseFlower
Woodpile plc_woodpile Woodpile

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress, contributor: Tyndrel