NPCs, Dwarves

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NPCs, Dwarves

Short, stout people fond of ale and crafters of great armors and weapons.


Creatures ResRef Tag
Duergar Chief x2_duergar002 X2_DUERGAR002
Duergar Chief x2_duergar003 X2_DUERGAR003
Duergar Chief x2_duergar004 X2_DUERGAR004
Duergar Chief x2_duergar005 X2_DUERGAR005
Duergar Cleric nw_duecler001 NW_DUECLER001
Duergar Cleric nw_duecler005 NW_DUECLER005
Duergar Cleric nw_duecler010 NW_DUECLER010
Duergar Cleric nw_duecler015 NW_DUECLER015
Duergar Cleric nw_duecler020 NW_DUECLER020
Duergar Mage nw_duemage001 NW_DUEMAGE001
Duergar Mage nw_duemage005 NW_DUEMAGE005
Duergar Mage nw_duemage010 NW_DUEMAGE010
Duergar Mage nw_duemage015 NW_DUEMAGE015
Duergar Mage nw_duemage020 NW_DUEMAGE020
Duergar Mage x2_mephduer007 X2_MEPHDUER007
Duergar Mage x2_mephduer008 X2_MEPHDUER008
Duergar Mage x2_mephduer009 X2_MEPHDUER009
Duergar Priestess x2_mephduer010 X2_MEPHDUER010
Duergar Priestess x2_mephduer011 X2_MEPHDUER011
Duergar Priestess x2_mephduer012 X2_MEPHDUER012
Duergar Rogue nw_duerogue001 NW_DUEROGUE001
Duergar Rogue nw_duerogue005 NW_DUEROGUE005
Duergar Rogue nw_duerogue010 NW_DUEROGUE010
Duergar Rogue nw_duerogue015 NW_DUEROGUE015
Duergar Rogue nw_duerogue020 NW_DUEROGUE020
Duergar Rogue x2_mephduer004 X2_MEPHDUER004
Duergar Rogue x2_mephduer005 X2_MEPHDUER005
Duergar Rogue x2_mephduer006 X2_MEPHDUER006
Duergar Slaver x2_duergar001 X2_DUERGAR001
Duergar Warrior nw_duefight001 NW_DUEFIGHT001
Duergar Warrior nw_duefight005 NW_DUEFIGHT005
Duergar Warrior nw_duefight010 NW_DUEFIGHT010
Duergar Warrior nw_duefight015 NW_DUEFIGHT015
Duergar Warrior nw_duefight020 NW_DUEFIGHT020
Duergar Warrior x2_mephduer001 X2_MEPHDUER001
Duergar Warrior x2_mephduer002 X2_MEPHDUER002
Duergar Warrior x2_mephduer003 X2_MEPHDUER003
Dwarf Mercenary nw_dwarfmerc001 NW_DWARFMERC001
Dwarf Mercenary nw_dwarfmerc002 NW_DWARFMERC002
Dwarf Mercenary nw_dwarfmerc003 NW_DWARFMERC003
Dwarf Mercenary nw_dwarfmerc006 NW_DWARFMERC006
Dwarf Mercenary nw_dwarfmerc004 NW_DWARFMERC004
Dwarf Mercenary nw_dwarfmerc005 NW_DWARFMERC005
Dwarf rider x3_dwarfmount001 X3_DWARFMOUNT001

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