NPCs, Elves

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NPCs, Elves

A lithe people who are one with their surrounds and prize beauty, song, and art.


Creatures ResRef Tag
CHEATER x0_cheater x0_cheater
Drow Assassin nw_drowrogue001 NW_DROWROGUE001
Drow Assassin nw_drowrogue005 NW_DROWROGUE005
Drow Assassin nw_drowrogue010 NW_DROWROGUE010
Drow Assassin nw_drowrogue015 NW_DROWROGUE015
Drow Assassin nw_drowrogue020 NW_DROWROGUE020
Drow Mage nw_drowmage001 NW_DROWMAGE001
Drow Mage nw_drowmage005 NW_DROWMAGE005
Drow Mage nw_drowmage010 NW_DROWMAGE010
Drow Mage nw_drowmage015 NW_DROWMAGE015
Drow Mage nw_drowmage020 NW_DROWMAGE020
Drow Mage x2_mephdrow010 X2_MEPHDROW010
Drow Mage x2_mephdrow011 X2_MEPHDROW011
Drow Mage x2_mephdrow012 X2_MEPHDROW012
Drow Militia nw_drowfight001 NW_DROWFIGHT001
Drow Militia nw_drowfight005 NW_DROWFIGHT005
Drow Militia nw_drowfight010 NW_DROWFIGHT010
Drow Militia nw_drowfight015 NW_DROWFIGHT015
Drow Militia nw_drowfight020 NW_DROWFIGHT020
Drow Priestess nw_drowcler001 NW_DROWCLER001
Drow Priestess nw_drowcler005 NW_DROWCLER005
Drow Priestess nw_drowcler010 NW_DROWCLER010
Drow Priestess nw_drowcler015 NW_DROWCLER015
Drow Priestess nw_drowcler020 NW_DROWCLER020
Drow Priestess x2_mephdrow013 X2_MEPHDROW013
Drow Priestess x2_mephdrow014 X2_MEPHDROW014
Drow Priestess x2_mephdrow015 X2_MEPHDROW015
Drow Rogue x2_mephdrow001 X2_MEPHDROW001
Drow Rogue x2_mephdrow002 X2_MEPHDROW002
Drow Rogue x2_mephdrow003 X2_MEPHDROW003
Drow Slave x2_drow001 X2_DROW001
Drow Warrior x2_mephdrow004 X2_MEPHDROW004
Drow Warrior x2_mephdrow005 X2_MEPHDROW005
Drow Warrior x2_mephdrow006 X2_MEPHDROW006
Drow Warrior x2_mephdrow007 X2_MEPHDROW007
Drow Warrior x2_mephdrow008 X2_MEPHDROW008
Drow Warrior x2_mephdrow009 X2_MEPHDROW009
Drow Wizard x2_drow002 X2_DROW002
Drow Wizard x2_drow003 X2_DROW003
Drow Wizard x2_drow004 X2_DROW004
Drow Wizard x2_drow005 X2_DROW005
Elf Mage nw_elfmage001 NW_ELFMAGE001
Elf Mage nw_elfmage005 NW_ELFMAGE005
Elf Mage nw_elfmage015 NW_ELFMAGE015
Elf Mercenary nw_elfmerc001 NW_ELFMERC001
Elf Mercenary nw_elfmerc002 NW_ELFMERC002
Elf Mercenary nw_elfmerc003 NW_ELFMERC003
Elf Mercenary nw_elfmerc004 NW_ELFMERC004
Elf Mercenary nw_elfmerc005 NW_ELFMERC005
Elf Mercenary nw_elfmerc006 NW_ELFMERC006
Elf Ranger nw_elfranger001 NW_ELFRANGER001
Elf Ranger nw_elfranger005 NW_ELFRANGER005
Elf Ranger nw_elfranger015 NW_ELFRANGER015
Elf rider x3_elfmount001 X3_ELFMOUNT001

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress