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NPCs, Other

Other NPCs (PC henchmen).


Creatures ResRef Tag
Boddyknock nw_hen_bod_01 NW_HEN_BOD
Boddyknock nw_hen_bod_02 NW_HEN_BOD
Boddyknock nw_hen_bod_03 NW_HEN_BOD
Boddyknock nw_hen_bod_04 NW_HEN_BOD
Boddyknock nw_hen_bod_05 NW_HEN_BOD
Boddyknock nw_hen_bod_06 NW_HEN_BOD
Boddyknock nw_hen_bod_07 NW_HEN_BOD
Boddyknock nw_hen_bod_08 NW_HEN_BOD
Boddyknock nw_hen_bod_09 NW_HEN_BOD
Boddyknock nw_hen_bod_10 NW_HEN_BOD
Boddyknock nw_hen_bod_11 NW_HEN_BOD
Daelan nw_hen_dae_01 NW_HEN_DAE
Daelan nw_hen_dae_02 NW_HEN_DAE
Daelan nw_hen_dae_03 NW_HEN_DAE
Daelan nw_hen_dae_04 NW_HEN_DAE
Daelan nw_hen_dae_05 NW_HEN_DAE
Daelan nw_hen_dae_06 NW_HEN_DAE
Daelan nw_hen_dae_07 NW_HEN_DAE
Daelan nw_hen_dae_08 NW_HEN_DAE
Daelan nw_hen_dae_09 NW_HEN_DAE
Daelan nw_hen_dae_10 NW_HEN_DAE
Daelan nw_hen_dae_11 NW_HEN_DAE
Grimgnaw nw_hen_gri_01 NW_HEN_GRI
Grimgnaw nw_hen_gri_02 NW_HEN_GRI
Grimgnaw nw_hen_gri_03 NW_HEN_GRI
Grimgnaw nw_hen_gri_04 NW_HEN_GRI
Grimgnaw nw_hen_gri_05 NW_HEN_GRI
Grimgnaw nw_hen_gri_06 NW_HEN_GRI
Grimgnaw nw_hen_gri_07 NW_HEN_GRI
Grimgnaw nw_hen_gri_08 NW_HEN_GRI
Grimgnaw nw_hen_gri_09 NW_HEN_GRI
Grimgnaw nw_hen_gri_10 NW_HEN_GRI
Grimgnaw nw_hen_gri_11 NW_HEN_GRI
Linu nw_hen_lin_01 NW_HEN_LIN
Linu nw_hen_lin_02 NW_HEN_LIN
Linu nw_hen_lin_03 NW_HEN_LIN
Linu nw_hen_lin_04 NW_HEN_LIN
Linu nw_hen_lin_05 NW_HEN_LIN
Linu nw_hen_lin_06 NW_HEN_LIN
Linu nw_hen_lin_07 NW_HEN_LIN
Linu nw_hen_lin_08 NW_HEN_LIN
Linu nw_hen_lin_09 NW_HEN_LIN
Linu nw_hen_lin_10 NW_HEN_LIN
Linu nw_hen_lin_11 NW_HEN_LIN
Sharwyn nw_hen_sha_01 NW_HEN_SHA
Sharwyn nw_hen_sha_02 NW_HEN_SHA
Sharwyn nw_hen_sha_03 NW_HEN_SHA
Sharwyn nw_hen_sha_04 NW_HEN_SHA
Sharwyn nw_hen_sha_05 NW_HEN_SHA
Sharwyn nw_hen_sha_06 NW_HEN_SHA
Sharwyn nw_hen_sha_07 NW_HEN_SHA
Sharwyn nw_hen_sha_08 NW_HEN_SHA
Sharwyn nw_hen_sha_09 NW_HEN_SHA
Sharwyn nw_hen_sha_10 NW_HEN_SHA
Sharwyn nw_hen_sha_11 NW_HEN_SHA
Tomi nw_hen_gal_04 NW_HEN_GAL
Tomi nw_hen_gal_05 NW_HEN_GAL
Tomi nw_hen_gal_06 NW_HEN_GAL
Tomi nw_hen_gal_07 NW_HEN_GAL
Tomi nw_hen_gal_08 NW_HEN_GAL
Tomi nw_hen_gal_09 NW_HEN_GAL
Tomi nw_hen_gal_10 NW_HEN_GAL
Tomi nw_hen_gal_11 NW_HEN_GAL
Tomi nw_hen_gal_01 NW_HEN_GAL
Tomi nw_hen_gal_02 NW_HEN_GAL
Tomi nw_hen_gal_03 NW_HEN_GAL
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