NorseDude - Part II Lets Get Started

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NorseDude - Part II: Lets Get Started!

NorseDude's Cut-Scene Tutorial

Note: these tutorials were written prior to the new cut-scene functionality added by BioWare in patch 1.30.

The purpose of these tutorials: To help the average NWN module maker create his or her own cut-scenes in NWN. Simple as that.

Requirements: Not much, but I do expect you to know at least the basics in module-creation. When I say "Create a NPC named 'Bob' with the Tag 'bob'", I will not tell you how to do just that since I expect you to know that already.

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Part II: Let's Get Started!

Right. Now the fun part begins. The creation of a cut-scene. I assume you have the toolset open by now, so let's make the background for the module. We need:

  • 1 Area with four rooms or more
  • 1 Door, locked, Tag: "guard_door"
  • 2 NPC's. Tags: "guard" and "leader"

Since this is just a tutorial it's up to you how fancy you want all of this, as long as the Tags are the same as mine and you place the start location and the creatures where I tell you to. For the record, I placed mine like this:



Small 2x2 House Interior with four rooms (actually four doorways). The two top rooms are 1 and 2, while the bottom rooms are 3 and 4. 3 is directly under 1, and 4 under 2. We start in room 3, the guard is in room 4, we head up to the leader in room 2 and are thrown into the jail in room 1. Hope this wasn't too confusing, but again the important part is you have four rooms.



I have one Bandit and one Bandit Chief, but it's up to you. The faction doesn't matter, as long as they are friendly.


Not many requirements, as long as the tag name is "guard_door". The "guard_door" is placed on the door between the guard and the guard leader. This is just the Tag we use in the tutorial, and can be changed to whatever you want.

Wait, that's it? What about all the other stuff, like the second guard, the spy, the people outside, the jail, the...? Heh, don't worry. It will all be there by the end. But for now, these will do. One day at a time, sweet... no, wait. One step at a time. Right. Sorry 'bout that.

Anyway, got the module up and running by now, have we? Good. Now, place the start location in the room just outside the guard room, and we're ready to begin...

 author: Michael Kenyon, editor: Jasperre, additional contributor(s): Charles Feduke, Lori