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Used to categorize types of objects.


Constant Value Description
OBJECT_TYPE_ALL 32767 Specifies all objects. Used for unrestricted searches. Strangely, OBJECT_TYPE_ALL and OBJECT_TYPE_INVALID equal the same value.
OBJECT_TYPE_AREA_OF_EFFECT 16 Specifies the object is an area of effect (AOE).
OBJECT_TYPE_CREATURE 1 Specifies the object is a creature (PC, animal, monster etc).
OBJECT_TYPE_DOOR 8 Specifies the object is a door.
OBJECT_TYPE_ENCOUNTER 256 Should specify an object which is an encounter, although no reference to this constant appears within NWScript other than its declaration.
OBJECT_TYPE_INVALID 32767 Specifies the object is invalid. Strangely, OBJECT_TYPE_INVALID and OBJECT_TYPE_ALL equal the same value. OBJECT_TYPE_INVALID has an integer value of 32,767.
OBJECT_TYPE_ITEM 2 Specifies the object is an item.
OBJECT_TYPE_PLACEABLE 64 Specifies the object is a placeable.
OBJECT_TYPE_STORE 128 Specifies the object is a store.
OBJECT_TYPE_TRIGGER 4 Specifies the object is a trigger.
OBJECT_TYPE_WAYPOINT 32 Specifies the object is a waypoint.


Modules and Areas have an area type of 0. There is no constant for this value.

See Also

functions:  GetObjectType, CreateObject