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The script attached to this event fires when a client enters the module. This can be used to perform some initialization of variables for a particular PC or reset encounters.


Whenever a player logs into a server or starts the module. It does also fire when a player loads up a singleplayer (only) module.



This event fires only for a player, so checking for GetIsPC() is meaningless, however player can be Dungeon Master so its wise to check for GetIsDM() as stuff in this event usually doesn't apply for DMs.

Triggers before player enter an Area. The order of events is this: OnClientEnter, trigger OnEnter, area of effect OnEnter, area OnEnter.

All of the items that the PC possesses are re-acquired, causing the module's OnAcquireItem event to fire for each of those items. This means that, if you're using some item restriction script OnAcquireItem, you won't have to put it in OnClientEnter - it is ALL taken care of. However please note the bugs for OnAcquireItem.

Player Login Order

Important mainly for multiplayer servers, the order of events of a player entering is:

  1. OnAcquireItem for each item in the inventory (including those equipped)
  2. OnPlayerEquipItem for any item is equipped
    • (Repeat 1 for each item in inventory)
  3. OnClientEnter
  4. Removal of expired effects, eg will run EffectRunScript sOnRemovedScript script
  5. OnEnter - Order: Triggers, Area of Effects then the Area they are in.

Known Bugs

(NB: This needs testing in EE) Please also note that you can NOT assign actions to the PC (say, equipping a nice shiny sword you create) until a PC is in an area - fully loaded. If you do (by the use of AssignCommand()) it will usually fully crash the client (or the game itself). This is not a bug, but will happen anytime an action is assigned to a PC when they are in "void" when loading. The reason for the above occurring is the fact this event fires before the PC has loaded any areas - and as soon as they choose their PC character file to use, while the OnEnter event for Area's only fires when a PC finally appears into an area and has loaded it. To assign the equipping of such items a suitable OnEnter event for the start area of a module would work. In addition, although it requires a lot more testing (because of various load times differing) a delayed assigned command can work. The best way, but most complicated, is a short-delayed check of the area the PC is in - if GetIsObjectValid(GetArea(GetEnteringObject())) is TRUE, then any AssignCommands() will work fine. If FALSE, it might still crash the game.


// logs the login name and IP address of the player who just
// joined the server (or started the module)
void main()
     object oPC = GetEnteringObject();
     if (GetIsPC(oPC))
          PrintString(GetPCPlayerName(oPC) + " (" +
               GetPCIPAddress(oPC) + ")"

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