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OpenInventory(object, object)

Opens a player's inventory panel.

void OpenInventory(
    object oCreature,
    object oPlayer



Creature to view the inventory of.


Player who's screen to pop up the inventory panel on.


Opens a creature's inventory panel. DMs can see any player's inventory. Players can view their own inventory, or that of a henchman.

DM's never have a script to actually call this, however, they can just open it up via the radial menu when they right click on a creature-object, if they are in the same area as the object.


Trying to open the inventory of an object that doesn't fit into one of the aforementioned categories will not work.

You can not view the inventory of a familiar, animal companion or summoned creature either with scripting, via a radial menu or by possessing a familiar and hitting "I".

This function is used with the SoU henchman system. When the player presses the "open henchman inventory" button, a silent shout is sent which the henchman hears. This is picked up on in the OnConversation script, which calls the bkRespondToHenchmenShout function in x0_inc_henai, which ultimately calls OpenInventory.



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