Parks and Nature

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Parks and Nature

Things that are normally found outside in nature.


Placeables ResRef Tag
Big Mushroom x2_plc_mushrm_b X2_PLC_MUSHRM_B
Bird x3_plc_bird001 x3_plc_bird001
Boulder plc_boulder Boulder
Boulder 1, Green standing x3_plc_boulder1 x3_plc_boulder1
Boulder 2, Green laying flat x3_plc_boulder2 x3_plc_boulder2
Boulder 3, Green leaning x3_plc_boulder3 x3_plc_boulder3
Boulder 4, Green broken x3_plc_boulder4 x3_plc_boulder4
Boulder, Green Secret Door x3_plc_boulder5 x3_plc_boulder5
Bush x3_plc_bush001 x3_plc_bush001
Bush x3_plc_bush002 x3_plc_bush002
Butterflies plc_butterflies Butterflies
Cacti x0_cacti x0_cacti
Cloud, Ambient shadow x3_plc_cloud001 x3_plc_cloud001
Crystal x2_plc_crystal X2_PLC_CRYSTAL
Dead Tree x0_deadtree x0_deadtree
Desert Boulder x0_desertboulde2 x0_desertboulde2
Desert Boulder x0_desertboulder x0_desertboulder
Desert Pebbles x0_pebbles x0_pebbles
Desert Rocks x0_desertrocks x0_desertrocks
Dirt Patch x0_dirtpatch X0_DIRTPATCH
Dirt Patch x3_plc_dirt001 x3_plc_dirt001
Dirt Patch x3_plc_dirt002 x3_plc_dirt002
Dirt Patch x3_plc_dirt003 x3_plc_dirt003
Dragon Skull x0_dragonskull DragonSkull
Driftwood nw_plc_driftwd1 nw_plc_driftwd1
Driftwood nw_plc_driftwd2 nw_plc_driftwd2
Driftwood nw_plc_driftwd3 nw_plc_driftwd3
Driftwood nw_plc_driftwd4 nw_plc_driftwd4
Fern plc_fern Fern
Fern x3_plc_fern001 x3_plc_fern001
Fern x3_plc_fern002 x3_plc_fern002
Fern x3_plc_fern003 x3_plc_fern003
Fern x3_plc_fern004 x3_plc_fern004
Fern x3_plc_fern005 x3_plc_fern005
Fungus nw_plc_fungus nw_plc_fungus
Grass x3_plc_grass001 x3_plc_grass001
Grass x3_plc_grass002 x3_plc_grass002
Grass x3_plc_grass003 x3_plc_grass003
Grass Tuft plc_grasstuft PlantGrowthGrassTufts
Gravel Patch x3_plc_gravl001 x3_plc_gravl001
Ice Floe x0_icefloe X0_ICEFLOE
Ivy x0_ivy Ivy
Kelp nw_plc_kelp1lrg nw_plc_kelp1lrg
Kelp nw_plc_kelp1med nw_plc_kelp1med
Kelp nw_plc_kelp1sml nw_plc_kelp1sml
Kelp nw_plc_kelp2lrg nw_plc_kelp2lrg
Kelp nw_plc_kelp2med nw_plc_kelp2med
Kelp nw_plc_kelp2sml nw_plc_kelp2sml
Kelp nw_plc_kelp3lrg nw_plc_kelp3lrg
Kelp nw_plc_kelp3med nw_plc_kelp3med
Kelp nw_plc_kelp3sml nw_plc_kelp3sml
Large Cactus x0_largecactus x0_LargeCactus
Log x3_plc_log001 x3_plc_log001
Mold x2_plc_mold X2_PLC_MOLD
Moss x0_moss Moss
Moss x3_plc_moss001 x3_plc_moss001
Moss x3_plc_moss002 x3_plc_moss002
Moss x3_plc_moss003 x3_plc_moss003
Moss x3_plc_moss004 x3_plc_moss004
Moss x3_plc_moss005 x3_plc_moss005
Mushrooms nw_plc_mushroom1 nw_plc_mushroom1
Mushrooms nw_plc_mushroom2 nw_plc_mushroom2
Mushrooms nw_plc_mushroom3 nw_plc_mushroom3
Mushrooms nw_plc_mushroom4 nw_plc_mushroom4
Mushrooms x0_mushrooms x0_mushrooms
Mushrooms x2_plc_mushrms X2_PLC_MUSHRMS
Mushrooms, Brown broken circle x3_plc_mshroom8 x3_plc_mshroom8
Mushrooms, Brown circle x3_plc_mshroom5 x3_plc_mshroom5
Mushrooms, Brown large group x3_plc_mshroom4 x3_plc_mshroom4
Mushrooms, Brown small group x3_plc_mshroom3 x3_plc_mshroom3
Mushrooms, Grey large group x3_plc_mshroom7 x3_plc_mshroom7
Mushrooms, Grey small group x3_plc_mshroom6 x3_plc_mshroom6
Mushrooms, Red large group x3_plc_mshroom2 x3_plc_mshroom2
Mushrooms, Red small group x3_plc_mshroom1 x3_plc_mshroom1
Palm Tree nw_plc_palm01 nw_plc_palm01
Palm Tree nw_plc_palm02 nw_plc_palm02
Palm Tree x0_treepalm TreePalm
Pine Tree x0_smallpine x0_smallpine
Pine Tree x0_treepinesnowy x0_treepinesnowy
Rainbow x3_plc_rainbow x3_plc_rainbow
Reeds x0_reeds Reeds
Rock nw_plc_rock1 nw_plc_rock1
Rock nw_plc_rock2 nw_plc_rock2
Rock nw_plc_rock3 nw_plc_rock3
Rock nw_plc_rock4 nw_plc_rock4
Rock nw_plc_rock5 nw_plc_rock5
Roots, Ceiling x3_plc_roots001 x3_plc_roots001
Roots, Ceiling, Blocks movement x3_plc_roots002 x3_plc_roots002
Sand Pile 01 x3_plc_sand001 x3_plc_sand001
Sand Pile 02 x3_plc_sand002 x3_plc_sand002
Sand Pile 03 x3_plc_sand003 x3_plc_sand003
Sand Pile 04 x3_plc_sand004 x3_plc_sand004
School of Fish nw_plc_fish1 nw_plc_fish1
School of Fish nw_plc_fish2 nw_plc_fish2
School of Fish nw_plc_fish3 nw_plc_fish3
Sea Shell nw_plc_seashell1 nw_plc_seashell1
Sea Shell nw_plc_seashell2 nw_plc_seashell2
Sea Shell nw_plc_seashell3 nw_plc_seashell3
Sea Weed 01, Ground x3_plc_sweed001 x3_plc_sweed001
Sea Weed 02, Ground x3_plc_sweed002 x3_plc_sweed002
Sea Weed 03, Ground x3_plc_sweed003 x3_plc_sweed003
Sea Weed 04, Ground x3_plc_sweed004 x3_plc_sweed004
Shrub plc_shrub PlantGrowthShrubs
Snow Drift x0_snowdrift x0_snowdrift
Snowy Pine Tree x0_treepine2 x0_treepine2
Starfish nw_plc_starfish nw_plc_starfish
Stone Patch x0_stonepatch x0_stonepatch
Stones plc_stones Stones
Tracks tracks con_tracks
Tracks x0_tracks Tracks
Tree plc_tree Tree - Normal
Tree plc_treeautumn Tree - Autumn
Tree 0, Large x3_plc_treel000 x3_plc_treel000
Tree 0, Medium x3_plc_treem000 x3_plc_treem000
Tree 0, Small x3_plc_trees000 x3_plc_trees000
Tree 01 x3_plc_tree001 x3_plc_tree001
Tree 02 x3_plc_tree002 x3_plc_tree002
Tree 1, Large x3_plc_treel001 x3_plc_treel001
Tree 1, Medium x3_plc_treem001 x3_plc_treem001
Tree 1, Small x3_plc_trees001 x3_plc_trees001
Tree 2, Large x3_plc_treel002 x3_plc_treel002
Tree 2, Medium x3_plc_treem002 x3_plc_treem002
Tree 2, Small x3_plc_trees002 x3_plc_trees002
Tree 3, Large x3_plc_treel003 x3_plc_treel003
Tree 3, Medium x3_plc_treem003 x3_plc_treem003
Tree 3, Small x3_plc_trees003 x3_plc_trees003
Tree 4, Large x3_plc_treel004 x3_plc_treel004
Tree 4, Medium x3_plc_treem004 x3_plc_treem004
Tree 4, Small x3_plc_trees004 x3_plc_trees004
Tree 5, Large x3_plc_treel005 x3_plc_treel005
Tree 5, Medium x3_plc_treem005 x3_plc_treem005
Tree 5, Small x3_plc_trees005 x3_plc_trees005
Tree 6, Large x3_plc_treel006 x3_plc_treel006
Tree 6, Medium x3_plc_treem006 x3_plc_treem006
Tree 6, Small x3_plc_trees006 x3_plc_trees006
Tree 7, Large x3_plc_treel007 x3_plc_treel007
Tree 7, Medium x3_plc_treem007 x3_plc_treem007
Tree 7, Small x3_plc_trees007 x3_plc_trees007
Tree 8, Large x3_plc_treel008 x3_plc_treel008
Tree 8, Medium x3_plc_treem008 x3_plc_treem008
Tree 8, Small x3_plc_trees008 x3_plc_trees008
Tree 9, Large x3_plc_treel009 x3_plc_treel009
Tree 9, Medium x3_plc_treem009 x3_plc_treem009
Tree 9, Small x3_plc_trees009 x3_plc_trees009
Tree A, Large x3_plc_treel010 x3_plc_treel010
Tree A, Medium x3_plc_treem010 x3_plc_treem010
Tree A, Small x3_plc_trees010 x3_plc_trees010
Tree B, Large x3_plc_treel011 x3_plc_treel011
Tree B, Medium x3_plc_treem011 x3_plc_treem011
Tree B, Small x3_plc_trees011 x3_plc_trees011
Tree C, Large x3_plc_treel012 x3_plc_treel012
Tree C, Medium x3_plc_treem012 x3_plc_treem012
Tree C, Small x3_plc_trees012 x3_plc_trees012
Tree Stump x3_plc_stump001 x3_plc_stump001
Tree Stump x3_plc_stump002 x3_plc_stump002
Tree Stump x3_plc_stump003 x3_plc_stump003
Tree Stump x3_plc_stump004 x3_plc_stump004
Tree, Apple, Large x3_plc_treel013 x3_plc_treel013
Tree, Apple, Medium x3_plc_treem013 x3_plc_treem013
Tree, Apple, Small x3_plc_trees013 x3_plc_trees013
Tree, Birch A, Large x3_plc_treel014 x3_plc_treel014
Tree, Birch A, Medium x3_plc_treem014 x3_plc_treem014
Tree, Birch A, Small x3_plc_trees014 x3_plc_trees014
Tree, Birch B, Large x3_plc_treel015 x3_plc_treel015
Tree, Birch B, Medium x3_plc_treem015 x3_plc_treem015
Tree, Birch B, Small x3_plc_trees015 x3_plc_trees015
Tree, Birch C, Large x3_plc_treel016 x3_plc_treel016
Tree, Birch C, Medium x3_plc_treem016 x3_plc_treem016
Tree, Birch C, Small x3_plc_trees016 x3_plc_trees016
Tree, Chopped Down x3_plc_tree003 x3_plc_tree003
Tree, Orange, Large x3_plc_treel017 x3_plc_treel017
Tree, Orange, Medium x3_plc_treem017 x3_plc_treem017
Tree, Orange, Small x3_plc_trees017 x3_plc_trees017
Tree, Willow, Large x3_plc_treel018 x3_plc_treel018
Tree, Willow, Medium x3_plc_treem018 x3_plc_treem018
Tree, Willow, Small x3_plc_trees018 x3_plc_trees018
Water Drip plc_waterdrip WaterDrip
Weed 01, Wall Pink x3_plc_wweed001 x3_plc_wweed001
Weed 02, Wall Pink x3_plc_wweed002 x3_plc_wweed002
Weed 03, Wall Pink x3_plc_wweed003 x3_plc_wweed003
Weed 04, Wall Pink x3_plc_wweed004 x3_plc_wweed004
Weed 05, Wall Grey x3_plc_wweed005 x3_plc_wweed005
Weed 06, Wall Grey x3_plc_wweed006 x3_plc_wweed006
Weed 07, Wall Grey x3_plc_wweed007 x3_plc_wweed007
Weed 08, Wall Grey x3_plc_wweed008 x3_plc_wweed008
Weed 09, Wall Green x3_plc_wweed009 x3_plc_wweed009
Weed 10, Wall Green x3_plc_wweed010 x3_plc_wweed010
Weed 11, Wall Green x3_plc_wweed011 x3_plc_wweed011
Weed 12, Wall Green x3_plc_wweed012 x3_plc_wweed012

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress, contributor: Tyndrel