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There are a various set of different versions of the game available. This explains the major differences and links to patch notes where possible and for the most modern patches post-1.69 the relevant script and engine changes.

The version identifier is also used for matching a module against a game edition for compatibility. For instance a NWN:EE 1.80 version of a module will be tagged in the module.ifo file under the "Mod_MinGameVer" string as 1.80, meaning you are unable to load this in a Diamond Edition version of the game at all.

With NWN:EE the versioning numbers got longer, information about this is available below. For NWN:EE specific functions you can find them categorised here.

Version Information

A written set of info on patch versions is available on, which explains what "8166" or "1.80" means. Additionally patch notes will be copied there as a single searchable reference point.

1.69 - Diamond Edition

The last Bioware patch released 9th July 2004. The details of this and all the previous Bioware patches are available on the NWN Fandom Wiki Patch page.

1.70 - 1.73 Fan Patches

Shadooow created a set of Community Patches once Bioware had finished patching. These were numbered 1.70 - 1.72 (1.73 appears not to have come out so this version is essentially unused). This is still under development but contains no new scripting or engine functionality. You can find the vault page here.

1.74 - NWN:EE

The first versions of NWN:EE by Beamdog were beta versions before the game came out. We now step into using both a major ID and a development ID. Several development IDs are used throughout a major ID number. This means newer or older clients can connect to newer or older servers (eg; visual enhancements don't need a server to be updated, while a server running a script differently doesn't need the latest client). Major bumps are generally done for architecture reasons, or netcode reasons.

These are links to the various patches, any notable engine changes related to scripting, or script events/fixes, will be noted to the side.

1.74.8166 was the release version of NWN:EE, which was released fully on March 27th 2018.



1.76 is a single release version


  • 1.76.8179 July 6th, 2018 RC
  • 1.76.8179 July 11th, 2018 Release - Script Compiler: We now allow escaping backslashes (“\”).


This added NWSync to the game.

  • 1.77.8180 September 20th, 2018 - Toolset: The compiler include limit has been bumped to 128.
  • 1.77.8181 September 27th, 2018 - RC release
  • 1.77.8181 October 2nd, 2018 - Stable 1.77 release
  • 1.77.8182 October 20th, 2018 - NWsync experimental support
  • 1.77.8183 October 24th, 2018
  • 1.77.8184 November 2nd, 2018
  • 1.77.8185 November 13th, 2018


This began the Android beta and feature parity.


  • 1.79.8192 October 10th, 2019 - Toolset upgraded to later C++ compiler. Has additional transform features, and tabs for multiple areas being open.
  • 1.79.8193 December 2nd, 2019 - RC.
  • 1.79.8193 December 3rd, 2019 - Stable release of 1.79 - The features below may have been in past versions - the patch notes on steam are not the best!
    • New development features:
      • Debug Menu (CTRL + SHIFT + F12)
      • "development" folder that loads changes live in-game and is priority loaded above override folder, erf, hak and module files
      • Aave added a script command to JIT-compile and run a chunk of NWScript.
    • New script commands (Some available in previous development versions):
    • Fixes:
      • SetPhenoType: The constraint condition was too narrow in clamping the phenotype; this has been fixed.
      • SetName() on areas now sends the configured language, instead of English.
      • CopyObject now copies plot flag on creatures and items.
      • Fixed StoreCampaignObject/RetrieveCampaignObject() not properly storing/retrieving the faction of a creature.
      • A bug in the creature serialisation code (for StoreCampaignObject) has been addressed where it would erroneously embed transient object IDs for inventory items, resulting in issues when loading this creature again in a persistent world setting.
      • Player characters stored/copied now end up in the Commoner faction (it used to be a the PC faction; with no valid party).
      • Script calls that serialise/deserialise objects (StoreCampaignObject and CopyObject as of now) can now work with the following object types: Creatures, Items, Placeables, Waypoints, Stores, Doors, Triggers.
      • (GetAbilityBonusLimit etc. related) The effect limit configuration keys have been uncapped. They used to be limited to [1, default]; they now are [0, 255]. Beware: You may run into strange behaviour if you exceed a total bonus/penalty of -128, 127 or 255 regardless of configuration; since some values are internally typed with 8 bits.
      • Scripting: The effect limit accessors now adhere to the configuration constraints. Values set through these will always override the user-configured values for the running module only.
  • 1.79.8193.1 December 6th, 2019 - Class Stat Gain: We fixed the NWScript function GetAbilityScore() not including glass stat gain abilities when calculating the return value.
  • 1.79.8193.2 December 9th, 2019
  • 1.79.8193.3 December 10th, 2019
  • 1.79.8193.4 December 13th, 2019 - The script call ActivatePortal() has been fixed to no longer show “Cryptographic Handshake Error”. A small memory issue in RESREF handling was addressed, that could occasionally crash clients when transitioning via ActivatePortal().
  • 1.79.8193.5 December 19th, 2019 - Fixed CopyObject not duplicating a item if the target inventory or location was not valid.
  • 1.79.8193.6 January 13th, 2020 - Base Items can have non-hardcoded feats for each of the focus, specailization, etc. You can have some custom spellcasters - kind of. New scripting function SetTextureOverride.
  • 1.79.8193.7 February 27th, 2020 - Fixed GetCasterLevel() on AOEs/SLAs erroneously invalid values. CopyObject() with a new tag specified no longer erroneously adds the object to the old tag lookup. ActivatePortal() now properly uses relays if needed. The script editor no longer freezes when trying to compile **/**.
  • 1.79.8193.8 - GetSpecialization, GetDomain, PostString added. New pathfinder added.


  • 1.80.8193.9 March 17th, 2020. Stable 1.80, fixes and features as per previous release.
  • 1.80.8193.10 April 9th, 2020
  • 1.80.8193.11 April 24th, 2020
    • GetSpellSaveDC now uses the SpellcastingAbility column, instead of the PrimaryMod column.
    • A pathfinding issue in ActionRandomWalk() was fixed, where calling the function sometimes did nothing.
    • PostString() strings are now rendered in sort order.
  • 1.80.8193.12 May 6th, 2020
    • Fix script commands not properly accessing area UUIDs. #41
    • DestroyArea() now behaves the same as DestroyObject(): Instead of destroying the area immediately, it schedules it for removal immediately after script exit. This fixes accessing freed memory when destroying an area from an area event.
    • GetCasterLevel() now returns 0 for AOEs instead of crashing. #34
  • 1.80.8193.13 - Stable and contains fixes/new things from above, still 1.80 (modules are backwards comaptible to 1.80.8193.9), but more feature complete.



  • 1.82.8193.20. Stable version of 1.81.8193.17, nothing new but bumped toolset version and bugfixes from the beta.



  • 1.84.8193.29 (development only)
    • Added functions:
    • Altered functions:
      • ActionMoveToObject fRange change reverted to fix some older modules (since default fRange is 2.0)
      • GetCurrentlyRunningEvent now has param bInheritParent for cases such as Creature OnDeath/OnDamaged returning the wrong event ID otherwise.
      • EndGame: We no longer show the Bioware credits for all modules; only the last module in each main campaign.
      • EndGame: Fixed error/crash when calling EndGame(""). Now the game shows no movie instead, and just quits the main menu.
    • Fixed functions:
      • Fixed CopyObject not triggering the areas OnEnter (fixes HotU Beholder caves anti-magic restore)
      • Fixed SetCampaignString(, “”) resulting in a SQL error. Now it deletes the variable from the database instead. It now also deletes entries when other types are “empty”.
      • EffectAreaOfEffect: Fixed Area Of Effect sometimes not returning the expected objects due to local object positions in memory not updating correctly. #52
      • CassowaryConstrain: Fixed a crash when calling AddConstraint with invalid math formula. #293
      • CreateArea, CopyArea and DestroyArea:
        • We had to change how Create/Copy/DestroyArea works. Most prominently:
          • Areas you create via Create/Copy now have their own auto-generated resref in the nw_ namespace; they no longer have the same resref as the originating area/template. You cannot influence this. nw_ is also the same namespace that the toolset reserves for game-builtin content, so you shouldn’t be able to clobber into it. Instanced areas go into CURRENTGAME:, until they are saved into a .sav. (This also means you can CreateArea with the new template, if you really wanted, though why would you? You’d get the area as it looked like at original instantiation time)
          • Areas are now saved to savegames correctly and savegames no longer corrupt when the area count changes.
          • Savegames now also store a serialised image of the .are data.
        • This means that CreateArea(“originalresref”) in savegames will now instance the area as saved in the savegame, NOT as designed in the toolset. This is because modules don’t actually load anymore after a savegame; the savegame replaces the original module.
        • CopyArea now supports assigning a new tag and name directly on instantiation.
        • This is a high-risk change, as it touches significant parts of the area load codepath. We’d appreciate thorough testing.
    • SQLite:



  • 1.86.8193.34
    • Nui fixes:
      • Nui: Fixed crash when calling NuiSetGroupLayout() with invalid data.
      • Nui: Fixed scrollbar size for textedit.
      • Nui: Text can now override border and scrollbars properties.
      • Nui: Fixed draw_list scissoring breaking succeeding widget rendering.
      • Nui: Fixed draw_list scissoring leaving a stale scissor on the GL stack for nested widgets.
      • Nui: Fixed entries in a list view not scissoring draw_list correctly when scrolling out of view.
      • Nui: list(): Fixed textedit() widget not working in lists.
      • Nui: list(): Scrollbars now configurable.
      • Nui: list(): Fix spacers not advancing row layout correctly.
      • Nui: Never allow binds to update during construction. This fixes list() array binds degrading to scalar values, among other.
      • Nui: textedit(): Fixed placeholder sometimes rendering on the succeeding widget instead.
      • Nui: textedit(): Fixed range event triggering too often or with wrong values.
      • Nui: Added demo code for spreadsheet UI.
      • Nui: Fixed “list” widget not showing a vertical scrollbar in AUTO mode.
    • New script commands:



Preview Versions

Some new commands may be previewed in versions not for general release. These won't be documented here.