Penants and Signs

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Penants and Signs

Penants and signs.


Placeables ResRef Tag
Arrow nw_plc_arrowblu nw_plc_arrowblu
Arrow nw_plc_arrowcyn nw_plc_arrowcyn
Arrow nw_plc_arrowgrn nw_plc_arrowgrn
Arrow nw_plc_arrowmag nw_plc_arrowmag
Arrow nw_plc_arroworg nw_plc_arroworg
Arrow nw_plc_arrowred nw_plc_arrowred
Arrow nw_plc_arrowwht nw_plc_arrowwht
Arrow nw_plc_arrowyel nw_plc_arrowyel
Banner plc_flag1 FlagPennantBanner1
Banner plc_flag2 FlagPennantBanner2
Banner plc_flag3 FlagPennantBanner3
Banner plc_flag4 FlagPennantBanner4
Banner plc_flag5 FlagPennantBanner5
Banner plc_flag6 FlagPennantBanner6
Banner plc_flag7 FlagPennantBanner7
Banner plc_flag8 FlagPennantBanner8
Flag nw_plc_flagpirat nw_plc_flagpirat
Flag nw_plc_flagumber nw_plc_flagumber
Flag, Bane x3_plc_flagbane x3_plc_flagbane
Flag, Cyric x3_plc_flagcyric x3_plc_flagcyric
Flag, Eilistraee x3_plc_flageili x3_plc_flageili
Flag, Green Stag & Shield x3_plc_flgstag1 x3_plc_flgstag1
Flag, Green Stag & Shield x3_plc_flgstag4 x3_plc_flgstag4
Flag, Green Stag & Shield x3_plc_flgstag5 x3_plc_flgstag5
Flag, Green Stag & Shield 2 x3_plc_flgstag6 x3_plc_flgstag6
Flag, Helm x3_plc_flaghelm x3_plc_flaghelm
Flag, Ilmater x3_plc_flagilm x3_plc_flagilm
Flag, Joust 1, Yellow Bird x3_plc_flagjst1 x3_plc_flagjst1
Flag, Joust 2 x3_plc_flagjst2 x3_plc_flagjst2
Flag, Joust 3 x3_plc_flagjst3 x3_plc_flagjst3
Flag, Joust, Green Stag 1 x3_plc_flgstag3 x3_plc_flgstag3
Flag, Joust, Green Stag 2 x3_plc_flgstag2 x3_plc_flgstag2
Flag, Joust, Raven and sword x3_plc_flgrav03 x3_plc_flgrav03
Flag, Lathander x3_plc_flaglath x3_plc_flaglath
Flag, Lolth x3_plc_flaglolth x3_plc_flaglolth
Flag, Mask x3_plc_flagmask x3_plc_flagmask
Flag, Raven and crown x3_plc_flgrav01 x3_plc_flgrav01
Flag, Raven and crown x3_plc_flgrav02 x3_plc_flgrav02
Flag, Raven and sword x3_plc_flgrav04 x3_plc_flgrav04
Flag, Raven and sword x3_plc_flgrav05 x3_plc_flgrav05
Flag, Sune x3_plc_flagsune x3_plc_flagsune
Flag, Tempus x3_plc_flagtemp x3_plc_flagtemp
Flag, Torm x3_plc_flagtorm x3_plc_flagtorm
Flag, Waukeen x3_plc_flagwauk x3_plc_flagwauk
Headstone plc_headstone Headstone
Merchants Shingle plc_billboard1 MerchantsShingle1
Merchants Shingle plc_billboard2 MerchantsShingle2
Merchants Shingle plc_billboard3 MerchantsShingle3
Merchants Shingle plc_billboard4 MerchantsShingle4
Merchants Shingle plc_billboard5 MerchantsShingle5
Merchants Shingle plc_billboard6 MerchantsShingle6
Merchants Shingle plc_billboard7 MerchantsShingle7
Merchants Shingle plc_billboard8 MerchantsShingle8
Merchants Shingle x3_plc_gg002 x3_plc_gg002
Placard plc_placard1 FreestandingMerchantsPlacard1
Placard plc_placard2 FreestandingMerchantsPlacard2
Placard plc_placard3 FreestandingMerchantsPlacard3
Placard plc_placard4 FreestandingMerchantsPlacard4
Placard plc_placard5 FreestandingMerchantsPlacard5
Placard plc_placard6 FreestandingMerchantsPlacard6
Placard plc_placard7 FreestandingMerchantsPlacard7
Placard plc_placard8 FreestandingMerchantsPlacard8
Signpost plc_signpost Signpost1
Signpost plc_signpost2 Signpost2
Signpost plc_signpost3 Signpost3
X nw_plc_piratex nw_plc_piratex

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress, contributor: Tyndrel