Planar, Fiendish

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Planar, Fiendish

Creatures from an evil plane of existance both fiendish and infernal (Nine Hells and The Abyss).


Creatures ResRef Tag
Balor nw_demon NW_DEMON
Balor Lord nw_balorboss NW_DEMON
Bebilith x2_spiderdemo001 X2_SPIDERDEMO001
Erinyes x2_erinyes x2_erinyes
Half-Fiend Warrior nw_halffnd001 NW_HALFFND001
Harat, Lord of Darkness x3_harat x3_harat
Harat, Lord of Darkness x3_harat2 x3_harat2
Hell Hound nw_hellhound NW_HELLHOUND
Hound of Xvim nw_beastxvim NW_BEASTXVIM
Pit Fiend nw_devil001 NW_DEVIL001
Pit Fiend x2_pitfiend001 X2_PITFIEND001
Rakshasa nw_rakshasa NW_RAKSHASA
Shadow Mastiff nw_shmastif NW_SHMASTIF
Succubus nw_dmsucubus NW_DMSUCUBUS
Vrock nw_dmvrock NW_DMVROCK

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress