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Plot items.


Items ResRef Tag GP Value
Amulet of the Long Death +1 nw_hen_gri1rw NW_HEN_GRI1RW 3611
Amulet of the Long Death +3 nw_hen_gri2rw NW_HEN_GRI2RW 18491
Amulet of the Red Tiger Tribe +1 nw_hen_dae1rw NW_HEN_DAE1RW 4841
Amulet of the Red Tiger Tribe +3 nw_hen_dae2rw NW_HEN_DAE2RW 21161
Amulet of the Silent Lord +4 nw_hen_gri3rw NW_HEN_GRI3RW 49001
Amulet of the Uthgardt +4 nw_hen_dae3rw NW_HEN_DAE3RW 50411
Belt of the Performer +1 nw_hen_sha1rw NW_HEN_SHA1RW 2074
Belt of the Performer +3 nw_hen_sha2rw NW_HEN_SHA2RW 16647
Belt of the Performer +5 nw_hen_sha3rw NW_HEN_SHA3RW 48442
Boddyknock's Gem nw_hen_bodpers NW_HEN_BODPERS 0
Brooch nw_hen_dae1qt NW_HEN_DAE1QT 0
Celestial Elixir nw_hen_sha1qt NW_HEN_SHA1QT 1
Corpse Hand nw_hen_gri2qt NW_HEN_GRI2QT 1
Daelan's Feather nw_hen_daepers NW_HEN_DAEPERS 1
Dagger nw_hen_gri3qt NW_HEN_GRI3QT 4
Diamond Golem Heart x3_it_diamond X3_IT_DIAMOND 0
Dragon Scale nw_hen_bod3qt NW_HEN_BOD3QT 1
Emerald Golem Heart x3_it_emerald X3_IT_EMERALD 0
Fenberry nw_it_msmlmisc12 NW_IT_MSMLMISC12 0
Great Axe nw_hen_dae2qt NW_HEN_DAE2QT 20
Grimgnaw's Gem nw_hen_gripers NW_HEN_GRIPERS 0
Journal of Synth La'neral nw_hen_lin2qt NW_HEN_LIN2QT 1
Lantanese Ring +1 nw_hen_bod1rw NW_HEN_BOD1RW 11251
Lantanese Ring +3 nw_hen_bod2rw NW_HEN_BOD2RW 36451
Leaven Bread Recipe nw_hen_bod1qt NW_HEN_BOD1QT 0
Linu's Token nw_hen_linpers NW_HEN_LINPERS 0
Lock of Nymph's Hair nw_hen_sha2qt NW_HEN_SHA2QT 0
Many-Starred Cloak nw_aarcl013 NW_AARCL013 3862
Official Document nw_hen_gal1qt NW_HEN_GAL1QT 0
Pendant of the Elf +1 nw_hen_lin1rw NW_HEN_LIN1RW 4841
Pendant of the Elf +3 nw_hen_lin2rw NW_HEN_LIN2RW 21161
Pendant of the Elf +4 nw_hen_lin3rw NW_HEN_LIN3RW 60841
Prism Blossom Seed nw_hen_bod2qt NW_HEN_BOD2QT 0
Prophyro's Ring +4 nw_hen_bod3rw NW_HEN_BOD3RW 54451
Relic of the Reaper x2_p_portal x2_p_reaper 63
Relic of the Reaper x2_p_reaper x2_p_reaper 60
Ring of the Rogue +1 nw_hen_gal1rw NW_HEN_GAL1RW 2592
Ring of the Rogue +3 nw_hen_gal2rw NW_HEN_GAL2RW 20808
Ring of the Rogue +4 nw_hen_gal3rw NW_HEN_GAL3RW 45000
Rogue Stone x2_p_rogue x2_p_rogue 5000
Ruby Golem Heart x3_it_emerald X3_IT_RUBYGEM 0
Sharwyn's Contract nw_hen_shapers NW_HEN_SHAPERS 0
Silver Chalice of Moonbow nw_hen_lin1qt NW_HEN_LIN1QT 1
Silver Ring nw_hen_gri1qt NW_HEN_GRI1QT 1
Special Holy Water nw_it_msmlmisc15 NW_IT_MSMLMISC15 1
Stone of Recall nw_it_recall NW_IT_RECALL 3
Tamorlyn's Song nw_hen_sha3qt NW_HEN_SHA3QT 0
Tenser's Sword nw_wswmls013 NW_WSWMLS013 56210
The Ashes of Running Wolf nw_hen_gal3qt NW_HEN_GAL3QT 1
The Star of Calimshan nw_hen_gal2qt NW_HEN_GAL2QT 0
Tomi's Contract nw_hen_galpers NW_HEN_GALPERS 0
Uthgardt Ceremonial Spear nw_hen_dae3qt NW_HEN_DAE3QT 39650
Volcanis Oak Seed nw_hen_lin3qt NW_HEN_LIN3QT 0

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