Polearm, Spear

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Polearm, Spear

Polearms (used primarily against calvary or other charging opponents).

Plot based polearm (Uthgardt Ceremonial Spear) can be found on the Plot Items page.


Items ResRef Tag GP Value
Black Kumade nw_wplmss005 NW_WPLMSS005 13,520
Briarspike nw_wplmss007 NW_WPLMSS007 21,780
Fey Spear +1 nw_wplmss008 NW_WPLMSS008 5,446
Fey Spear +3 nw_wplmss009 NW_WPLMSS009 79,382
Fey Spear +8 x2_wplmss005 X2_WPLMSS005 605,520
Heartwood Spear nw_wplmss004 NW_WPLMSS004 73,206
Spear nw_wplss001 NW_WPLSS001 2
Spear +1 nw_wplmss002 NW_WPLMSS002 1,620
Spear +2 nw_wplmss010 NW_WPLMSS010 7,220
Spear +3 nw_wplmss011 NW_WPLMSS011 16,822
Spear +4 x0_wplmss001 X0_WPLMSS001 30,422
Spear +5 x0_wplmss002 X0_WPLMSS002 48,022
Spear +6 x2_wplmss003 X2_WPLMSS003 144,502
Spear +7 x2_wplmss004 X2_WPLMSS004 242,002
Spear of Withering nw_wplmss006 NW_WPLMSS006 23,122

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress, contributor: Kookoo