PopUpDeathGUIPanel(object, int, int, int, string)

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Displays a customizable death panel.

void PopUpDeathGUIPanel(
    object oPC,
    int bRespawnButtonEnabled = TRUE,
    int bWaitForHelpButtonEnabled = TRUE,
    int nHelpStringReference = 0,
    string sHelpString = ""


The player to show panel to.
If this is TRUE, the "Respawn" button will be enabled (Default: TRUE)
If this is TRUE, the "Wait For Help" button will be enabled (Default: TRUE)
String reference to display for help. (Default: 0)
String to display for help which appears in the top of the panel. (Default: "")


Displays a death panel that can turn off the "Respawn" or "Wait for Help" buttons. The "Wait for Help" button is only enabled when the game is running in multiplayer mode.

By default if sHelpString isn't specified, the value used is "Choose an option below. Respawning will incur a penalty of 50 XP per level of your character and the loss of 10% of your gold." (strref 66219 single player, 6600 for multiplayer).


The BioWare death dialog can be displayed using the PopUpGUIPanel() function.

sHelpString should be changed when using a penalty for dying other than the default to avoid inconsistencies.

nHelpStringReference is an index into either the dialog.tlk file or a custom .tlk file associated with the module.



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author: Tom Cassiotis, editor: Lilac Soul, additional contributor(s): Ross Meeks, Jonathan Williams, Lilac Soul