PopUpGUIPanel(object, int)

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Displays a GUI panel to a player.

void PopUpGUIPanel(
    object oPC,
    int nGUIPanel


The player to show the GUI to.
A GUI_PANEL_* constant specifying the panel to display. Will not work with GUI_PANEL_COMPASS, GUI_PANEL_LEVELUP, GUI_PANEL_GOLD_*, or GUI_PANEL_EXAMINE_*.


Spawn a GUI panel for the client that controls oPC. Nothing happens if oPC is not a player character or if an invalid value is used for nGUIPanel.


For the original GUI panel, GUI_PANEL_PLAYER_DEATH, you probably are looking for PopUpDeathGUIPanel which contains at least some options for it - such as sHelpString to allow you to alter what it says on it.

NWN:EE added the option to pop up more GUI panels; see GUI_PANEL_* for a list. You might want to pop these up intentionally for particular reasons at particular moments, such as in combination with a OnPlayerTarget event which needs to target an item in your inventory. Or you might disable the GUI panel with SetGuiPanelDisabled and either contextually pop it up (see OnPlayerGuiEvent and GUIEVENT_DISABLED_PANEL_ATTEMPT_OPEN) or pop up using a new button or action.


This function was updated in 1.85.8193.30 of NWN:EE. Added additional GUI_PANEL_* options, with the exception of the compass, levelup, gold and examine panels (since these require some major context).

See Also


PopUpDeathGUIPanel SetGuiPanelDisabled


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author: Tom Cassiotis, editor: Lilac Soul