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Magical potions and drinks.


Items ResRef Tag GP Value
Ale nw_it_mpotion021 NW_IT_MPOTION021 2
Potion of Aid nw_it_mpotion016 NW_IT_MPOTION016 120
Potion of Antidote nw_it_mpotion006 NW_IT_MPOTION006 300
Potion of Barkskin nw_it_mpotion005 NW_IT_MPOTION005 80
Potion of Bless nw_it_mpotion009 NW_IT_MPOTION009 40
Potion of Bull's Strength nw_it_mpotion015 NW_IT_MPOTION015 120
Potion of Cat's Grace nw_it_mpotion014 NW_IT_MPOTION014 120
Potion of Clarity nw_it_mpotion007 NW_IT_MPOTION007 120
Potion of Cure Critical Wounds nw_it_mpotion003 NW_IT_MPOTION003 280
Potion of Cure Light Wounds nw_it_mpotion001 NW_IT_MPOTION001 20
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds nw_it_mpotion020 NW_IT_MPOTION020 33
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds nw_it_mpotion002 NW_IT_MPOTION002 66
Potion of Death Armor x2_it_mpotion002 X2_IT_MPOTION002 120
Potion of Eagle's Splendor nw_it_mpotion010 NW_IT_MPOTION010 120
Potion of Endurance nw_it_mpotion013 NW_IT_MPOTION013 120
Potion of Fox's Cunning nw_it_mpotion017 NW_IT_MPOTION017 120
Potion of Heal nw_it_mpotion012 NW_IT_MPOTION012 1,320
Potion of Invisibility nw_it_mpotion008 NW_IT_MPOTION008 120
Potion of Ironguts x2_it_mpotion001 X2_IT_MPOTION001 40
Potion of Lesser Restoration nw_it_mpotion011 NW_IT_MPOTION011 120
Potion of Lore nw_it_mpotion019 NW_IT_MPOTION019 120
Potion of Owl's Wisdom nw_it_mpotion018 NW_IT_MPOTION018 120
Potion of Speed nw_it_mpotion004 NW_IT_MPOTION004 300
Spirits nw_it_mpotion022 NW_IT_MPOTION022 6
Wine nw_it_mpotion023 NW_IT_MPOTION023 4