ReplaceObjectTexture( object, string, string )

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Replace individual textures on objects at runtime.
void ReplaceObjectTexture(
    object oObject,
    string sOld,
    string sNew = ""


An object to update a texture.
The old texture to replace.
The new texture. Specifying sNew = "" will restore the original texture. (default: "")


Replace's oObject's texture sOld with sNew.

Specifying sNew = "" will restore the original texture.

If sNew cannot be found, the original texture will be restored.

sNew must refer to a simple texture, not PLT.

If the texture has already been replaced, sOld must still match the original texture name for this to work properly.


This can replace any texture for all clients. It may be done frequently enough to mimic movement (eg; altering a "object tile" texture to show a moving landscape), or to do some useful swaps of terrain (such as snow appearing when it is snowing on top of placeable objects in the area).

It is per-object so a loop must be done if replacing multiple objects of the same kind.

It works best with non-material, simple textures.

Obviously the texture must be appropriate, and using the wrong texture file to replace one can have unforeseen consequences.

Static placeable objects are not affected by this function at all.


This function was added in 1.80.8193.14 of NWN:EE.


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