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RetrieveCampaignObject(string, string, location, object, object)

Retrieves an object stored in the campaign database.

object RetrieveCampaignObject(
    string sCampaignName,
    string sVarName,
    location locLocation,
    object oOwner = OBJECT_INVALID,
    object oPlayer = OBJECT_INVALID



Campaign name to retrieve the value from (case-sensitive).


Variable's name.


Location to create the object at.


Owner to attempt to create the object within. (Default: OBJECT_INVALID)


oPlayer associated with the object that was stored in the database. (Default: OBJECT_INVALID)


Returns an object stored in the campaign database. Campaign names are case-sensitive. If you specify an owner, the object will try to be created in the owner's repository. If the owner can't handle the item (or if the owner is a creature), the item will be created on the ground.

Remeber: This will actually "create" the object. If there is nothing stored, nothing happens, and it returns OBJECT_INVALID.

Important Note: In sCampaignName any spaces in the string put in will be stripped. A string consisting of "Hello there" will become "Hellothere" (Note: Case sensitive), and thus may cause problems when deleting databases (See Also DestroyCampaignDatabase).

There may also be a limit on the length of sCamapignName, although if anyone knows, please contact us.


Unknown as to what other types of owning objects can't handle an item. Unknown if the location matters when a valid owner is specified (but GetLocation(oOwner) should suffice).

Local variables that were on the object when you stored it don't appear to be stored in the database.

Known Bugs

1.64 reports that it fixed a crash caused by calling RetrieveCampaignObject() when the object being retrieved was gold and the gold was being acquired by a creature.




// Re-create our henchmen, stored in DB name "HENCHMEN" and
// under name "HENCHMAN_ONE", at the modules starting location.
void main()
    // Declare where and what we are retrieving, and get starting location.
    string sDB = "HENCHMEN";
    string sVariable = "HENCHMAN_ONE";
    location lTarget = GetStartingLocation();
    // Create it at the starting location
    RetrieveCampaignObject(sDB, sVariable, lTarget);

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 author: Charles Feduke, editor: Jasperre, additional contributor(s): Lilac Soul, Anthony Austin, Sr., Jasperre, Mike Hodgkinson