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Skybox constants match those in the skyboxes.2da file. They are to be used with the SetSkyBox function and returned with the GetSkyBox function.

Another skybox (Black, line 6) is shipped with the game, but not listed here but can be used manually. See the skyboxes.2da for all possibilities, or to add new ones.


Constant Value Description
A clear desert skybox, useful on any of the outdoor desert tilesets (one of which comes with Shadows of Ulrentide).
A generic looking, clear-grass skybox. This is best used in a rural-type tileset, but looks fine in any city.
This is a dark, thunderstorm-like skybox. It is good to use it in the same places you'd use the GRASS_CLEAR constant, and is useful for anywhere a storm is going on.
A very white, cold and icy looking landscape - best used in the Hordes of the Underdark ice tileset, or with Shadows of Ulrentide's winter rural setting. Goes well with snow.
No skybox. Turns it off. Poof, no sky. Of course, without any GetSkyBox(), why you'd want to make it so a PC just sees nothing (given you have set the fog back far enough) in an area might be hard to judge. No skybox is of course better performance, however.
This is a clear winter landscape and sky. Best used in Shaodow of Ulrentides winter rural tileset, or any one which is snowing and outdoors. Generally, the Icy one can be a little too...icy for most snow, and this makes it look a lot less like the landscape is actual ice.

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