SPECIAL_SCHOOL_* Constant Group

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Specialization settings (covers Wizard Specialization; no other class grants Specializations unless custom content is used).


Constant Value Description
SPELL_SCHOOL_ABJURATION 1 Abjuration - opposed by conjuration.
SPELL_SCHOOL_CONJURATION 2 Conjuration - opposed by transmutation.
SPELL_SCHOOL_DIVINATION 3 Divination - opposed by illusion.
SPELL_SCHOOL_ENCHANTMENT 4 Enchantment - opposed by illusion.
SPELL_SCHOOL_EVOCATION 5 Evocation - opposed by conjuration.
SPELL_SCHOOL_GENERAL 0 Generalized Wizards do not have a prohibited school.
SPELL_SCHOOL_ILLUSION 6 Illusion - opposed by enchantment.
SPELL_SCHOOL_NECROMANCY 7 Necromancy - opposed by divination.
SPELL_SCHOOL_TRANSMUTATION 8 Transmutation - opposed by conjuration.

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