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Spell scrolls.

Scrolls are divided into two main categories.

       - Arcane: Spells used mostly by bards, sorcerers and wizards.<br />       - Divine: Spells used mostly by cleric, druid, paladin and ranger.<br /><br />

Many of the scrolls are able to be used by both divine and arcane spellcasters. All scrolls have an innate ability too. This will be used by various monsters to determine what level they cast them at.

The classes are listed as:
      b = Bard
      c = Cleric
      d = Druid
      p = Paladin
      r = Ranger
      s/w = Sorcerer/Wizard
      i = Innate ability


Items ResRef Tag GP Value Spell Level
Acid Fog nw_it_sparscr603 NW_IT_SPARSCR603 2,377 s/w-6, i-6
Acid Splash x1_it_sparscr002 X1_IT_SPARSCR002 24 s/w-0, i-0
Aid x2_it_spdvscr201 X2_IT_SPDVSCR201 216 c-2, p-2, r-2, i-2
Amplify x1_it_sparscr102 X1_IT_SPARSCR102 72 b-1, i-1
Animate Dead nw_it_sparscr509 NW_IT_SPARSCR509 540 c-3, s/w-5, i-3
Aura of Glory x1_it_spdvscr204 X1_IT_SPDVSCR204 216 p-2, i-2
Aura of Vitality x1_it_spdvscr701 X1_IT_SPDVSCR701 3,277 d-7, i-7
Aura versus Alignment x2_it_spdvscr804 X2_IT_SPDVSCR804 4,322 c-8, i-8
Awaken x2_it_spdvscr508 X2_IT_SPDVSCR508 1,621 d-5, i-5
Balagarn's Iron Horn x1_it_sparscr201 X1_IT_SPARSCR201 216 b-1, s/w-2, i-2
Ball Lightning x2_it_spavscr501 X2_IT_SPARSCR501 960 s/w-5, i-5
Bane x1_it_spdvscr101 X1_IT_SPDVSCR101 72 c-1, i-1
Banishment x1_it_spdvscr601 X1_IT_SPDVSCR601 2,377 c-6, s/w-7, i-6
Barkskin x2_it_spdvscr202 X2_IT_SPDVSCR202 144 d-2, i-2
Battletide x2_it_spdvscr501 X2_IT_SPDVSCR501 960 c-5, i-5
Bestow Curse nw_it_sparscr414 NW_IT_SPARSCR414 540 b-3, c-3, s/w-4, i-3
Bigby's Clenched Fist x1_it_sparscr801 X1_IT_SPARSCR801 4,322 s/w-8, i-8
Bigby's Crushing Hand x1_it_sparscr901 X1_IT_SPARSCR901 5,510 s/w-9, i-9
Bigby's Forceful Hand x1_it_sparscr602 X1_IT_SPARSCR602 2,377 s/w-6, i-6
Bigby's Grasping Hand x1_it_sparscr701 X1_IT_SPARSCR701 3,277 s/w-7, i-7
Bigby's Interposing Hand x1_it_sparscr502 X1_IT_SPARSCR502 1,621 s/w-5, i-5
Black Blade of Disaster x2_it_spavscr901 X2_IT_SPARSCR901 5,510 s/w-9, i-9
Blackstaff x2_it_spavscr801 X2_IT_SPARSCR801 4,322 s/w-8, i-8
Blade Barrier x2_it_spdvscr603 X2_IT_SPDVSCR603 2,377 c-6, i-6
Blade Thirst x2_it_spdvscr303 X2_IT_SPDVSCR303 540 r-3, i-3
Bless x2_it_spdvscr103 X2_IT_SPDVSCR103 72 c-1, p-1, i-1
Bless Weapon x2_it_spdvscr102 X2_IT_SPDVSCR102 180 p-1, i-1
Blindness / Deafness nw_it_sparscr211 NW_IT_SPARSCR211 216 b-2, c-3, s/w-2, i-2
Blood Frenzy x1_it_spdvscr202 X1_IT_SPDVSCR202 216 d-2, i-2
Bombardment x1_it_spdvscr803 X1_IT_SPDVSCR803 4,322 d-8, i-8
Bull's Strength nw_it_sparscr212 NW_IT_SPARSCR212 216 b-2, c-2, d-2, p-2, s/w-2, i-2
Burning Hands nw_it_sparscr112 NW_IT_SPARSCR112 72 s/w-1, i-1
Call Lightning x2_it_spdvscr307 X2_IT_SPDVSCR307 540 d-3, i-3
Camouflage x1_it_spdvscr107 X1_IT_SPDVSCR107 72 d-1, r-1, i-1
Cat's Grace nw_it_sparscr213 NW_IT_SPARSCR213 216 b-2, r-2, s/w-2, i-2
Cat's Grace x2_it_sparscr207 X2_IT_SPARSCR207 216 b-2, r-2, s/w-2, i-2
Chain Lightning nw_it_sparscr607 NW_IT_SPARSCR607 2,377 s/w-6, i-2
Charm Monster nw_it_sparscr405 NW_IT_SPARSCR405 540 b-3, s/w-4, i-3
Charm Person nw_it_sparscr107 NW_IT_SPARSCR107 24 b-1, s/w-1, i-1
Charm Person or Animal nw_it_spdvscr202 NW_IT_SPDVSCR202 72 s/w-2, i-2
Circle of Death nw_it_sparscr610 NW_IT_SPARSCR610 2,377 s/w-6, i-6
Circle of Doom x2_it_spdvscr504 X2_IT_SPDVSCR504 1,621 c-5, i-5
Clairaudience & Clairvoyance nw_it_sparscr307 NW_IT_SPARSCR307 540 b-3, s/w-3, i-3
Clarity nw_it_sparscr217 NW_IT_SPARSCR217 216 b-2, c-3, s/w-3, i-2
Cloud of Bewilderment x2_it_sparscr206 X2_IT_SPARSCR206 216 c-4, i-4
Cloudkill nw_it_sparscr502 NW_IT_SPARSCR502 1,621 s/w-5, i-5
Color Spray nw_it_sparscr110 NW_IT_SPARSCR110 72 s/w-1, i-1
Combust x2_it_sparscr201 X2_IT_SPARSCR201 216 s/w-2, i-2
Cone of Cold nw_it_sparscr507 NW_IT_SPARSCR507 1,200 s/w-5, i-5
Confusion nw_it_sparscr406 NW_IT_SPARSCR406 540 b-3, s/w-4, i-3
Contagion nw_it_sparscr411 NW_IT_SPARSCR411 540 c-3, d-3, s/w-4, i-3
Continual Flame x1_it_spdvscr301 X1_IT_SPDVSCR301 216 c-3, s/w-2, i-3
Control Undead nw_it_sparscr707 NW_IT_SPARSCR707 3,277 c-6, s/w-7, i-7
Create Greater Undead x1_it_spdvscr804 X1_IT_SPDVSCR804 4,322 c-8, i-8
Create Undead x1_it_spdvscr605 X1_IT_SPDVSCR605 2,377 c-6, s/w-8, i-6
Creeping Doom x1_it_spdvscr702 X1_IT_SPDVSCR702 3,277 d-7, i-7
Crumble x2_it_spdvscr601 X2_IT_SPDVSCR601 2,377 d-6, i-6
Cure Critical Wounds x2_it_spdvscr402 X2_IT_SPDVSCR402 504 b-4, c-4, d-5, i-4
Cure Light Wounds x2_it_spdvscr104 X2_IT_SPDVSCR104 36 b-1, c-1, d-1, p-1, r-1, i-1
Cure Minor Wounds x2_it_spdvscr001 X2_IT_SPDVSCR001 9 b-0, c-0, d-0, i-0
Cure Moderate Wounds x2_it_spdvscr203 X2_IT_SPDVSCR203 60 b-2, c-2, d-3, p-3, r-3, i-2
Cure Serious Wounds x2_it_spdvscr308 X2_IT_SPDVSCR308 120 b-3, c-3, d-4, p-4, r-4, i-4
Darkfire x2_it_spdvscr305 X2_IT_SPDVSCR305 540 c-3, i-3
Darkness nw_it_sparscr206 NW_IT_SPARSCR206 216 b-2, c-2, s/w-2, i-2
Daze nw_it_sparscr003 NW_IT_SPARSCR003 18 b-0, s/w-0, i-0
Deafening Clang x2_it_spdvscr101 X2_IT_SPDVSCR101 180 p-1, i-1
Death Armor x2_it_sparscr202 X2_IT_SPARSCR202 216 s/w-2, i-2
Death Ward x2_it_spdvscr403 X2_IT_SPDVSCR403 1,008 c-5, d-5, p-4, i-4
Delayed Blast Fireball nw_it_sparscr704 NW_IT_SPARSCR704 3,277 s/w-7, i-7
Destruction x1_it_spdvscr703 X1_IT_SPDVSCR703 3,277 c-7, i-7
Dirge x1_it_sparscr601 X1_IT_SPARSCR601 2,377 b-6, i-6
Dismissal nw_it_sparscr501 NW_IT_SPARSCR501 1,008 b-4, c-4, s/w-5, i-4
Dispel Magic nw_it_sparscr301 NW_IT_SPARSCR301 540 b-3, c-3, d-4, p-3, s/w-3, i-3
Displacement x1_it_sparscr301 X1_IT_SPARSCR301 540 b-3, s/w-3, i-3
Divine Favor x1_it_spdvscr102 X1_IT_SPDVSCR102 72 c-1, p-1, i-1
Divine Power x2_it_spdvscr404 X2_IT_SPDVSCR404 1,008 c-4, i-4
Dominate Animal x2_it_spdvscr309 X2_IT_SPDVSCR309 540 d-3, i-3
Dominate Monster nw_it_sparscr905 NW_IT_SPARSCR905 5,510 s/w-9, i-9
Dominate Person nw_it_sparscr503 NW_IT_SPARSCR503 1,008 b-4, s/w-5, i-4
Doom x2_it_spdvscr105 X2_IT_SPDVSCR105 72 c-1, i-1
Drown x1_it_spdvscr604 X1_IT_SPDVSCR604 2,377 d-6, i-6
Eagle's Splendor nw_it_sparscr219 nw_it_sparscr219 216 b-2, c-2, p-2, s/w-2, i-2
Earthquake x1_it_spdvscr801 X1_IT_SPDVSCR801 4,322 c-8, d-9, i-8
Electric Jolt x1_it_sparscr003 X1_IT_SPARSCR003 24 s/w-0, i-0
Elemental Shield nw_it_sparscr416 NW_IT_SPARSCR416 1,008 s/w-4, i-4
Elemental Swarm x2_it_spdvscr901 X2_IT_SPDVSCR901 5,510 d-9, i-9
Endurance nw_it_sparscr215 NW_IT_SPARSCR215 216 c-2, s/w-2, i-2
Endure Elements nw_it_sparscr101 NW_IT_SPARSCR101 72 c-1, d-1, p-1, s/w-1, i-2
Energy Buffer x2_it_sparscr503 X2_IT_SPARSCR503 2,377 b-6, d-6, s/w-5, i-5
Energy Drain nw_it_sparscr908 NW_IT_SPARSCR908 5,510 c-9, s/w-9, i-9
Enervation nw_it_sparscr412 NW_IT_SPARSCR412 1,008 s/w-4, i-4
Entangle x2_it_spdvscr106 X2_IT_SPDVSCR106 72 d-1, r-1, i-1
Entropic Shield x1_it_spdvscr103 X1_IT_SPDVSCR103 72 c-1, i-1
Ethereal Visage nw_it_sparscr608 NW_IT_SPARSCR608 1,621 b-5, s/w-6, i-5
Evard's Black Tentacles nw_it_sparscr418 NW_IT_SPARSCR418 1,008 s/w-4, i-4
Evil Blight x2_it_spdvscr509 X2_IT_SPDVSCR509 3,277 c-5, s/w-6, i-5
Expeditious Retreat x1_it_sparscr101 X1_IT_SPARSCR101 72 b-1, s/w-1, i-1
Fear nw_it_sparscr413 NW_IT_SPARSCR413 540 b-3, s/w-4, i-3
Feeblemind nw_it_sparscr504 NW_IT_SPARSCR504 1,621 s/w-5, i-5
Find Traps x2_it_sparscr305 X2_IT_SPARSCR305 216 b-3, c-2, s/w-3, i-2
Finger of Death nw_it_sparscr708 NW_IT_SPARSCR708 3,277 d-8, s/w-7, i-7
Fire Storm x1_it_spdvscr704 X1_IT_SPDVSCR704 3,277 c-8, d-7, i-7
Fireball nw_it_sparscr309 NW_IT_SPARSCR309 540 s/w-3, i-3
Firebrand x1_it_sparscr501 X1_IT_SPARSCR501 1,621 s/w-5, i-5
Flame Arrow nw_it_sparscr304 NW_IT_SPARSCR304 540 s/w-3, i-3
Flame Lash x1_it_spdvscr205 X1_IT_SPDVSCR205 216 d-2, i-2
Flame Strike x1_it_spdvscr403 X1_IT_SPDVSCR403 1,008 c-5, d-4, i-4
Flame Weapon x2_it_sparscr205 X2_IT_SPARSCR205 216 s/w-2, i-2
Flare x1_it_sparscr001 X1_IT_SPARSCR001 24 b-0, d-0, s/w-0, i-0
Flesh to Stone x1_it_sparscr605 X1_IT_SPARSCR605 2,377 s/w-6, i-6
Fox's Cunning nw_it_sparscr220 nw_it_sparscr220 216 b-2, c-2, s/w-2, i-2
Freedom of Movement x2_it_spdvscr405 X2_IT_SPDVSCR405 1,008 c-4, d-4, p-4, r-4, i-4
Gate nw_it_sparscr902 NW_IT_SPARSCR902 5,510 c-9, s/w-9, i-9
Gedlee's Electric Loop x2_it_sparscr203 X2_IT_SPARSCR203 216 s/w - 2, i-2
Ghostly Visage nw_it_sparscr208 NW_IT_SPARSCR208 216 b-2, s/w-2, i-2
Ghoul Touch nw_it_sparscr209 NW_IT_SPARSCR209 216 s/w-2, i-2
Globe of Invulnerability nw_it_sparscr601 NW_IT_SPARSCR601 2,377 s/w-6, i-6
Glyph of Warding x2_it_spdvscr306 X2_IT_SPDVSCR306 540 c-3, i-3
Grease nw_it_sparscr103 NW_IT_SPARSCR103 72 b-1, d-1, r-1, s/w-1, i-1
Great Thunderclap x2_it_sparscr701 X2_IT_SPARSCR701 1,920 s/w-7, i-7
Greater Dispelling nw_it_sparscr602 NW_IT_SPARSCR602 1,260 b-5, c-6, d-6, s/w-6, i-6
Greater Magic Fang x1_it_spdvscr303 X1_IT_SPDVSCR303 540 d-3, r-3, i-3
Greater Magic Weapon x2_it_sparscr304 X2_IT_SPARSCR304 540 b-3, c-4, p-3, s/w-3, i-3
Greater Planar Binding nw_it_sparscr803 NW_IT_SPARSCR803 4,322 s/w-8, i-8
Greater Restoration nw_it_spdvscr701 NW_IT_SPDVSCR701 3,277 c-7, s/w-7
Greater Sanctuary x1_it_spdvscr602 X1_IT_SPDVSCR602 3,277 c-6, s/w-8, i-7
Greater Sanctuary x2_it_spdvscr606 X2_IT_SPDVSCR606 3,277 c-6, s/w-8, i-7
Greater Shadow Conjunction nw_it_sparscr508 NW_IT_SPARSCR508 1,621 s/w-5, i-5
Greater Spell Breach nw_it_sparscr612 NW_IT_SPARSCR612 2,377 s/w-6, i-6
Greater Spell Mantle nw_it_sparscr912 NW_IT_SPARSCR912 5,510 s/w-9, i-9
Greater Stoneskin nw_it_sparscr613 NW_IT_SPARSCR613 2,377 d-6, s/w-6, i-6
Gust of Wind x1_it_sparscr303 X1_IT_SPARSCR303 1,080 b-3, s/w-3, i-3
Hammer of the Gods x2_it_spdvscr406 X2_IT_SPDVSCR406 1,008 c-4, i-4
Harm x2_it_spdvscr604 X2_IT_SPDVSCR604 2,377 c-6, d-7, i-6
Haste nw_it_sparscr312 NW_IT_SPARSCR312 540 b-3, s/w-3, i-3
Heal x2_it_spdvscr605 X2_IT_SPDVSCR605 2,377 c-6, d-7, i-6
Healing Circle x2_it_spdvscr505 X2_IT_SPDVSCR505 1,621 b-5, d-5, d-6, i-5
Healing Sting x2_it_spdvscr302 X2_IT_SPDVSCR302 540 d-3, i-3
Hold Animal x2_it_spdvscr204 X2_IT_SPDVSCR204 216 d-2, r-2, i-2
Hold Monster nw_it_sparscr505 NW_IT_SPARSCR505 1,080 b-4, d-4, s/w-5, i-4
Hold Person nw_it_sparscr308 NW_IT_SPARSCR308 216 b-2, c-2, s/w-3, i-2
Holy Sword x2_it_spdvscr401 X2_IT_SPDVSCR401 960 p-4, i-4
Horizikaul's Boom x2_it_sparscr101 X2_IT_SPARSCR101 72 s/w-1, i-1
Horrid Wilting nw_it_sparscr809 NW_IT_SPARSCR809 4,322 s/w-8, i-8
Ice Dagger x2_it_sparscr104 X2_IT_SPARSCR104 72 s/w-1, i-1
Ice Storm x2_it_sparscr401 X2_IT_SPARSCR401 1,621 b-6, d-5, s/w-4, i-4
Identify nw_it_sparscr106 NW_IT_SPARSCR106 216 b-1, s/w-1
Implosion x2_it_spdvscr902 X2_IT_SPDVSCR902 5,510 c-9, i-9
Improved Invisibility nw_it_sparscr408 NW_IT_SPARSCR408 1,008 b-4, s/w-4
Incendiary Cloud nw_it_sparscr804 NW_IT_SPARSCR804 4,322 s/w-8, i-8
Inferno x1_it_spdvscr501 X1_IT_SPDVSCR501 1,621 d-5, i-5
Infestation of Maggots x2_it_spdvscr301 X2_IT_SPDVSCR301 540 d-3, i-3
Inflict Critical Wounds x1_it_spdvscr401 X1_IT_SPDVSCR401 1,008 c-4, i-4
Inflict Light Wounds x1_it_spdvscr104 X1_IT_SPDVSCR104 72 c-1, i-1
Inflict Minor Wounds x1_it_spdvscr001 X1_IT_SPDVSCR001 24 c-0, i-0
Inflict Moderate Wounds x1_it_spdvscr201 X1_IT_SPDVSCR201 216 c-2, i-2
Inflict Serious Wounds x1_it_spdvscr302 X1_IT_SPDVSCR302 540 c-3, i-3
Invisibility nw_it_sparscr207 NW_IT_SPARSCR207 216 b-2, s/w-2, i-2
Invisibility Purge x2_it_spdvscr310 X2_IT_SPDVSCR310 540 c-3, r-3, i-3
Invisibility Sphere nw_it_sparscr314 NW_IT_SPARSCR314 540 b-3, s/w-3, i-3
Ironguts x2_it_sparscr102 X2_IT_SPARSCR102 72 s/w-1, i-1
Isaac's Greater Missile Storm x1_it_sparscr603 X1_IT_SPARSCR603 2,377 s/w-6, i-6
Isaac's Lesser Missile Storm x1_it_sparscr401 X1_IT_SPARSCR401 1,008 s/w-4, i-4
Keen Edge x2_it_sparscr303 X2_IT_SPARSCR303 540 b-3, s/w-3, i-3
Knock nw_it_sparscr216 NW_IT_SPARSCR216 216 s/w-2, i-2
Legend Lore x2_it_sparscr602 X2_IT_SPARSCR602 540 b-4, s/w-6, i-6
Lesser Dispel nw_it_sparscr218 NW_IT_SPARSCR218 216 b-1, c-2, d-2, s/w-2, i-1
Lesser Mind Blank nw_it_sparscr511 NW_IT_SPARSCR511 1,621 s/w-5, i-5
Lesser Planar Binding nw_it_sparscr512 NW_IT_SPARSCR512 1,621 s/w-5, i-5
Lesser Restoration nw_it_spdvscr201 NW_IT_SPDVSCR201 216 c-2, d-2, i-2
Lesser Spell Breach nw_it_sparscr417 NW_IT_SPARSCR417 1,008 s/w-4, i-4
Lesser Spell Mantle nw_it_sparscr513 NW_IT_SPARSCR513 1,621 s/w-5, i-5
Light nw_it_sparscr004 NW_IT_SPARSCR004 18 b-0, c-0, d-0, s/w-0, i-0
Lightning Bolt nw_it_sparscr310 NW_IT_SPARSCR310 540 s/w-3, i-3
Mage Armor nw_it_sparscr104 NW_IT_SPARSCR104 72 b-1, s/w-1, i-1
Magic Circle against Alignment nw_it_sparscr302 NW_IT_SPARSCR302 540 b-3, c-3, p-3, s/w-3, i-3
Magic Circle against Alignment x2_it_sparscrmc X2_IT_SPARSCRMC 540 b-3, c-3, p-3, s/w-3, i-3
Magic Fang x1_it_spdvscr106 X1_IT_SPDVSCR106 72 d-1, r-1, i-1
Magic Missile nw_it_sparscr109 NW_IT_SPARSCR109 48 s/w-1, i-1
Magic Vestment x2_it_spdvscr304 X2_IT_SPDVSCR304 540 c-3, i-3
Magic Weapon x2_it_spavscr105 X2_IT_SPARSCR105 72 b-1, c-1, p-1, s/w-1, i-1
Mass Blindness / Deafness nw_it_sparscr807 NW_IT_SPARSCR807 4,322 s/w-8, i-8
Mass Camouflage x1_it_spdvscr402 X1_IT_SPDVSCR402 1,008 d-4, r-4, i-4
Mass Charm nw_it_sparscr806 NW_IT_SPARSCR806 4,322 s/w-8, i-8
Mass Haste nw_it_sparscr611 NW_IT_SPARSCR611 2,377 b-6, s/w-6, i-6
Mass Heal x2_it_spdvscr801 X2_IT_SPDVSCR801 4,322 c-8, d-9, i-8
Melf's Acid Arrow nw_it_sparscr202 NW_IT_SPARSCR202 216 s/w-2, i-2
Mestil's Acid Breath x2_it_sparscr301 X2_IT_SPARSCR301 540 s/w-3, i-3
Mestil's Acid Sheath x2_it_sparscr502 X2_IT_SPARSCR502 960 s/w-5, i-5
Meteor Swarm nw_it_sparscr906 NW_IT_SPARSCR906 5,510 s/w-9, i-9
Mind Blank nw_it_sparscr801 NW_IT_SPARSCR801 4,322 s/w-8, i-8
Mind Fog nw_it_sparscr506 NW_IT_SPARSCR506 1,621 b-5, s/w-5, i-5
Minor Globe of Invulnerability nw_it_sparscr401 NW_IT_SPARSCR401 1,008 s/w-4, i-4
Monstrous Regeneration x2_it_spdvscr502 X2_IT_SPDVSCR502 960 c-5, i-5
Mordenkainen's Disjunction nw_it_sparscr901 NW_IT_SPARSCR901 5,510 s/w-9, i-9
Mordenkainen's Sword nw_it_sparscr705 NW_IT_SPARSCR705 3,277 s/w-7, i-7
Nature's Balance x2_it_spdvscr802 X2_IT_SPDVSCR802 4,322 c-8, i-8
Negative Energy Burst nw_it_sparscr315 nw_it_sparscr315 900 s/w-3, i-3
Negative Energy Protection x2_it_spdvscr311 X2_IT_SPDVSCR311 540 c-3, i-3
Negative Energy Ray nw_it_sparscr113 nw_it_sparscr113 36 c-2, s/w-1, i-1
Neutralize Poison nw_it_spdvscr402 NW_IT_SPDVSCR402 540 b-4, c-4, d-3, r-3, i-3
One with the Land x1_it_spdvscr203 X1_IT_SPDVSCR203 216 d-2, r-2, i-2
Owl's Insight x1_it_spdvscr502 X1_IT_SPDVSCR502 1,621 d-5, i-2
Owl's Wisdom nw_it_sparscr221 nw_it_sparscr221 216 b-2, c-2, s/w-2, i-2
Phantasmal Killer nw_it_sparscr409 NW_IT_SPARSCR409 1,008 s/w-4, i-4
Planar Ally x1_it_spdvscr603 X1_IT_SPDVSCR603 2,377 c-6, i-6
Planar Binding nw_it_sparscr604 NW_IT_SPARSCR604 2,377 s/w-6, i-6
Poison x2_it_spdvscr407 X2_IT_SPDVSCR407 540 c-4, d-3, i-3
Polymorph Self nw_it_sparscr415 NW_IT_SPARSCR415 1,008 r-4, s/w-4, i-4
Power Word, Kill nw_it_sparscr903 NW_IT_SPARSCR903 5,510 s/w-9, i-9
Power Word, Stun nw_it_sparscr702 NW_IT_SPARSCR702 3,277 s/w-7, i-7
Prayer x2_it_spdvscr312 X2_IT_SPDVSCR312 540 c-3, p-3, i-3
Premonition nw_it_sparscr808 NW_IT_SPARSCR808 4,322 d-8, s/w-8, i-8
Prismatic Spray nw_it_sparscr706 NW_IT_SPARSCR706 3,277 s/w-7, i-7
Protection from Alignment x2_it_sparscral X2_IT_SPARSCRAL 180 b-1, c-1, p-1, s/w-1, i-1
Protection from Alignment nw_it_sparscr102 NW_IT_SPARSCR102 72 b-1, c-1, p-1, s/w-1, i-1
Protection from Elements nw_it_sparscr303 NW_IT_SPARSCR303 324 c-3, d-3, r-2, s/w-3, i-3
Protection from Spells nw_it_sparscr802 NW_IT_SPARSCR802 3,277 s/w-7, i-7
Quillfire x1_it_spdvscr305 X1_IT_SPDVSCR305 540 d-3, i-3
Raise Dead nw_it_spdvscr501 NW_IT_SPDVSCR501 1,621 c-5, i-5
Ray of Enfeeblement nw_it_sparscr111 NW_IT_SPARSCR111 72 s/w-1, i-1
Ray of Frost nw_it_sparscr002 NW_IT_SPARSCR002 5 s/w-0, i-0
Regenerate x2_it_spdvscr702 X2_IT_SPDVSCR702 3,277 c-7, d-6, i-7
Remove Blindness / Deafness nw_it_spdvscr301 NW_IT_SPDVSCR301 540 c-3, p-3, s/w-4, i-3
Remove Curse nw_it_sparscr402 NW_IT_SPARSCR402 540 b-3, c-3, s/w-4, i-3
Remove Disease nw_it_spdvscr302 NW_IT_SPDVSCR302 360 b-3, c-3, d-3, r-3, i-3
Remove Fear x2_it_spdvscr107 X2_IT_SPDVSCR107 72 c-1, i-1
Remove Paralysis x2_it_spdvscr205 X2_IT_SPDVSCR205 216 c-2, p-2, i-2
Resist Elements nw_it_sparscr201 NW_IT_SPARSCR201 216 c-2, d-2, p-2, r-1, s/w-2, i-2
Resistance nw_it_sparscr001 NW_IT_SPARSCR001 72 b-0, c-0, d-0, p-1, s/w-0, i-0
Restoration nw_it_spdvscr401 NW_IT_SPDVSCR401 1,008 c-4, i-4
Resurrection nw_it_spdvscr702 NW_IT_SPDVSCR702 3,277 c-7, i-7
Sanctuary x2_it_spdvscr108 X2_IT_SPDVSCR108 72 c-1, i-1
Scare nw_it_sparscr210 NW_IT_SPARSCR210 72 b-1, c-1, s/w-1, i-1
Scintillating Sphere x2_it_spavscr302 X2_IT_SPARSCR302 540 s/w-3, i-3
Searing Light x2_it_spdvscr313 X2_IT_SPDVSCR313 540 c-3, i-3
See Invisibility nw_it_sparscr205 NW_IT_SPARSCR205 216 b-2, s/w-2, i-2
Shades nw_it_sparscr609 NW_IT_SPARSCR609 2,377 s/w-6, i-6
Shadow Conjuration nw_it_sparscr410 NW_IT_SPARSCR410 1,008 s/w-4, i-4
Shadow Shield x2_it_sparscr703 X2_IT_SPARSCR703 3,277 s/w-7, i-7
Shapechange nw_it_sparscr910 NW_IT_SPARSCR910 5,510 d-9, s/w-9, i-9
Shelgarn's Persistent Blade x2_it_sparscr103 X2_IT_SPARSCR103 72 s/w-1, i-1
Shield x1_it_sparscr103 X1_IT_SPARSCR103 72 s/w-1, i-1
Shield of Faith x1_it_spdvscr105 X1_IT_SPDVSCR105 72 c-1, i-1
Silence nw_it_spdvscr203 NW_IT_SPDVSCR203 216 b-2, c-2, i-2
Slay Living x2_it_spdvscr506 X2_IT_SPDVSCR506 1,621 c-5, d-5, i-5
Sleep nw_it_sparscr108 NW_IT_SPARSCR108 72 b-1, d-1, r-2, s/w-1, i-1
Slow nw_it_sparscr313 NW_IT_SPARSCR313 540 b-3, s/w-3, i-3
Sound Burst nw_it_spdvscr204 NW_IT_SPDVSCR204 216 b-2, c-2, i-2
Spell Mantle nw_it_sparscr701 NW_IT_SPARSCR701 3,277 s/w-7, i-7
Spell Resistance x2_it_spdvscr507 X2_IT_SPDVSCR507 1,621 c-5, d-5, i-5
Spike Growth x1_it_spdvscr304 X1_IT_SPDVSCR304 540 d-3, i-3
Stinking Cloud nw_it_sparscr305 NW_IT_SPARSCR305 540 s/w-3, i-3
Stone Bones x2_it_sparscr204 X2_IT_SPARSCR204 216 c-2, s/w-, i-2
Stone to Flesh x1_it_sparscr604 X1_IT_SPARSCR604 2,377 s/w-6, i-6
Stonehold x2_it_spdvscr602 X2_IT_SPDVSCR602 2,377 d-6, i-6
Stoneskin nw_it_sparscr403 NW_IT_SPARSCR403 1,008 d-4, s/w-4
Storm of Vengeance x2_it_spdvscr903 X2_IT_SPDVSCR903 5,510 c-9, d-9, i-9
Summon Creature I nw_it_sparscr105 NW_IT_SPARSCR105 72 b-1, c-1, d-1, r-1, s/w-1, i-1
Summon Creature II nw_it_sparscr203 NW_IT_SPARSCR203 216 b-2, c-2, d-2, r-2, s/w-2, i-2
Summon Creature III nw_it_sparscr306 NW_IT_SPARSCR306 540 b-3, c-3, d-3, r-3, s/w-3, i-3
Summon Creature IV nw_it_sparscr404 NW_IT_SPARSCR404 1,008 b-4, c-4, d-4, r-4, s/w-4, i-4
Summon Creature V nw_it_sparscr510 NW_IT_SPARSCR510 1,621 b-5, c-5, d-5, s/w-5, i-5
Summon Creature VI nw_it_sparscr605 NW_IT_SPARSCR605 2,377 b-6, c-6, d-6, s/w-6, i-6
Summon Creature VII nw_it_sparscr703 NW_IT_SPARSCR703 3,277 c-7, d-7, r-7, s/w-7, i-7
Summon Creature VIII nw_it_sparscr805 NW_IT_SPARSCR805 4,322 c-8, d-8, r-8, s/w-8, i-8
Summon Creature IX nw_it_sparscr904 NW_IT_SPARSCR904 5,510 c-9, d-9, r-9, s/w-9, i-9
Sunbeam x2_it_spdvscr803 X2_IT_SPDVSCR803 3,277 c-8, d-8, i-8
Sunburst x1_it_spdvscr802 X1_IT_SPDVSCR802 4,322 d-8, s/w-8, i-8
Tasha's Hideous Laughter x1_it_sparscr202 X1_IT_SPARSCR202 216 b-2, s/w-2, i-2
Tenser's Transformation nw_it_sparscr614 nw_it_sparscr614 2,377 s/w-6, i-6
Tide of Battle x2_it_sparscr902 X2_IT_SPARSCR902 5,510 s/w-9, i-9
Time Stop nw_it_sparscr911 NW_IT_SPARSCR911 5,510 s/w-9, i-9
True Seeing nw_it_sparscr606 NW_IT_SPARSCR606 1,621 c-5, d-7, s/w-6, i-5
True Strike x1_it_sparscr104 X1_IT_SPARSCR104 72 s/w-1, i-1
Ultravision nw_it_sparscr214 NW_IT_SPARSCR214 216 b-2, c-2, d-1, r-1, s/w-2, i-2
Undeath to Death x2_it_sparscr601 X2_IT_SPARSCR601 2,377 c-6, s/w-6, i-6
Undeath's Eternal Foe x1_it_spdvscr901 X1_IT_SPDVSCR901 5,510 c-9, i-9
Vampiric Touch nw_it_sparscr311 NW_IT_SPARSCR311 360 s/w-3, i-3
Vine Mine x2_it_spdvscr503 X2_IT_SPDVSCR503 960 d-5, i-5
Virtue x2_it_spdvscr002 X2_IT_SPDVSCR002 18 c-0, d-0, p-1, i-0
Wail of the Banshee nw_it_sparscr909 NW_IT_SPARSCR909 5,510 s/w-9, i-9
Wall of Fire nw_it_sparscr407 NW_IT_SPARSCR407 1,296 d-5, s/w-4, i-4
Web nw_it_sparscr204 NW_IT_SPARSCR204 216 s/w-2, i-2
Weird nw_it_sparscr907 NW_IT_SPARSCR907 5,510 s/w-9, i-9
Word of Faith x2_it_spdvscr701 X2_IT_SPDVSCR701 3,277 c-7, i-7
Wounding Whispers x1_it_sparscr302 X1_IT_SPARSCR302 540 b-3, i-3

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress, contributor: Kookoo