SetTextureOverride(string, string, object)

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Makes oPC load texture sNewName instead of sOldName.
int SetTextureOverride(
    string sOldName, 
    string sNewName = "", 
    object oPC = OBJECT_INVALID


The texture name specified in game models.
The replacement texture name.
The player for whom the texture is overridden.


Makes oPC load texture sNewName instead of sOldName.

If oPC is OBJECT_INVALID, it will apply the override to all active players.

Setting sNewName to "" will clear the override and revert to original.


This changes a texture over an entire module. This is per-PC.

A variety of uses for this come to mind; you can alter textures of the ground tiles to replicate snow falling and piling up. You can alter the texture of a certain unique placeable (which affects the entire module). Per-PC madness effects, or even altering entire tileset appearances can occur.




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