Shape Changers

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Shape Changers

Creatures that change shape (lycanthropes and dopplegangers).


Creatures ResRef Tag
Aranea nw_aranea NW_ARANEA
Bandit nw_werecat001 NW_WERECAT001
Bandit nw_wererat001 NW_WERERAT001
Bandit nw_werewolf001 NW_WEREWOLF001
Lord Antoine Baccha, Visier de Guise x3_antoine X3_ANTOINE
Wereboar x3_wereboar001 X3_WEREBOAR001
Werecat nw_werecat NW_WERECAT
Wererat nw_wererat NW_WERERAT
Werewolf nw_werewolf NW_WEREWOLF

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