Shield, Tower

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Tower non-magical and magical shields.


Items ResRef Tag GP Value
Bulwark of the Great Dragon x2_ashmto005 X2_ASHMTO005 84,497
Darksteel Tower Shield nw_ashmto007 NW_ASHMTO007 13,495
Goblin Shield of Nulbish nw_ashmto005 NW_ASHMTO005 10,727
Greater Shield of Dawn nw_ashmto010 nw_ashmto010 13,495
Greater Shield of the Watch nw_ashmto011 nw_ashmto011 17,405
Hastsezini's Shield nw_ashmto006 NW_ASHMTO006 19,548
Imaskari Shield nw_ashmto003 NW_ASHMTO003 5,908
Ironwood Tower Shield x2_it_ironwshldt x2_it_ironwshldt 7,939
Shield of the Dragonslayer nw_ashmto004 NW_ASHMTO004 25,703
Tower Shield nw_ashto001 NW_ASHTO001 100
Tower Shield +1 nw_ashmto002 NW_ASHMTO002 756
Tower Shield +2 nw_ashmto008 NW_ASHMTO008 3,024
Tower Shield +3 nw_ashmto009 NW_ASHMTO009 6,912
Tower Shield +4 x0_ashmto001 X0_ASHMTO001 12,420
Tower Shield +5 x0_ashmto002 X0_ASHMTO002 19,548
Tower Shield +6 x2_ashmto003 X2_ASHMTO003 58,622
Tower Shield +7 x2_ashmto004 X2_ASHMTO004 98,109

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress