TouchAttackRanged(object, int)

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Executes and determines the results of a ranged touch attack.

int TouchAttackRanged(
    object oTarget,
    int bDisplayFeedback = TRUE


Target of the ranged touch attack.
Display visual feedback. (Default: TRUE)


The caller will perform a ranged touch attack on oTarget.


Generally used to script special abilities such as laying on hands on undead (requires a touch attack to work).

No combat animations are performed, and no damage is dealt. It simply does a roll to see if the target is hit, and if bDisplayFeedback is TRUE, displays feedback in the combat feedback window.

The attackers ranged touch attacks are based on:

  • BAB + dexterity modifier + misc attack increasing effects

A touch attack denies the defender their armor and shield AC (base and bonus), as well as their natural armor bonus to AC. All other armor class modifiers, such as the size modifier, dexterity modifier, and deflection/dodge bonus apply (or don't apply, e.g. if flat-footed) normally. Consequentially, touch attacks sometimes have a significantly better chance of hitting than regular attacks.


This function was updated in 1.83.8193.21 of NWN:EE. It made it so weapon attack bonuses are not added to touch attacks, for instance arming yourself with a +5 Dart will not add 5 to the attack rolls of this function anymore.


// Here is a Bioware scrtip as an example. This implements 
// the special ability of a Steam Mephit, which btw can be
// given to any creature by editing the Special Abilities tab.
// (nw_s1_mephsteam.nss)
//:: Steam Mephit Breath
//:: NW_S1_MephSteam
//:: Copyright (c) 2001 Bioware Corp.
    Steam Mephit shoots out a bolt of steam
    that causes 1d4 damage and reduces AC by 4
    and Attack by 2
//:: Created By: Preston Watamaniuk
//:: Created On: May 11, 2001
void main()
   // Declare major variables
   object oTarget = GetSpellTargetObject();
   int nHD = GetHitDice(OBJECT_SELF);
   effect eVis = EffectVisualEffect(VFX_IMP_ACID_S);
   effect eBolt, eAttack, eAC;
   effect eDur = EffectVisualEffect(VFX_DUR_CESSATE_NEGATIVE);
   //Roll damage
   int nDamage = d4();
   //Adjust the damage based on the Reflex Save, Evasion and Improved Evasion.
   nDamage = GetReflexAdjustedDamage(nDamage, oTarget, GetSpellSaveDC(),SAVING_THROW_TYPE_FIRE);
   //Make a ranged touch attack
   int nTouch = TouchAttackRanged(oTarget);
   if(nDamage == 0) {nTouch = 0;}
   if(nTouch > 0)
      if(nTouch == 2)
         nDamage *= 2;
      //Fire cast spell at event for the specified target
      SignalEvent(oTarget, EventSpellCastAt(OBJECT_SELF, SPELLABILITY_MEPHIT_STEAM_BREATH));
      //Set damage, AC mod and attack mod effects
      eBolt = EffectDamage(nDamage, DAMAGE_TYPE_FIRE);
      eAC = EffectACDecrease(4);
      eAttack = EffectAttackDecrease(2);
      effect eLink = EffectLinkEffects(eAC, eAttack);
      eLink = EffectLinkEffects(eLink, eDur);
      //Apply the VFX impact and effects
      ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_TEMPORARY, eLink, oTarget, RoundsToSeconds(3));
      ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT, eBolt, oTarget);
      ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT, eVis, oTarget);

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 author: Tom Cassiotis, editor: Lilac Soul, additional contributor(s): Lilac Soul