Undead, Other

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Undead, Other

Undead (neither alive nor dead).


Creatures ResRef Tag
Alhoon x2_mindflayer003 X2_MINDFLAYER003
Baelnorn nw_lich002 NW_LICH002
Bodak nw_bodak NW_Bodak
Curst Monk nw_curst004 NW_CURST004
Curst Ranger nw_curst003 NW_CURST003
Curst Rogue nw_curst002 NW_CURST002
Curst Swordsman x3_curstsword NW_CURST001
Curst Warrior nw_curst001 NW_CURST001
Demilich x2_demilich001 X2_DEMILICH001
Doom Knight nw_doomkght NW_DOOMKGHT
Doom Knight Commander nw_doomkghtboss NW_DOOMKGHTBOSS
Dracolich x2_dracolich001 X2_DRACOLICH001
Lich nw_lichboss NW_LICHBOSS
Lich nw_lich001 NW_LICH001
Lich nw_lich003 NW_LICH003
Masterius, the Lich King x3_masterius001 X3_MASTERIUS001
Masterius, the Lich King x3_masterius002 X3_MASTERIUS002
Masterius, the Lich King x3_masterius003 X3_MASTERIUS003
Mohrg nw_mohrg NW_MOHRG
Revenant nw_revenant001 NW_REVENANT001
Skeletal Devourer nw_skeldevour NW_SKELDEVOUR
Vampire nw_vampire NW_VAMPIRE
Vampire Mage nw_vampire003 NW_VAMPIRE003
Vampire Priest nw_vampire004 NW_VAMPIRE004
Vampire Rogue nw_vampire002 NW_VAMPIRE002
Vampire Warrior nw_vampire001 NW_VAMPIRE001
Widow Hagatha x3_hagatha X3_HAGATHA
Wight nw_wight NW_WIGHT

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