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Visual Effects

Eye catching visuals (ooh... its magic!).


Placeables ResRef Tag
Blade Barrier x3_plc_bladebar x3_plc_bladebar
Bubbles nw_plc_bubbleslg nw_plc_bubbleslg
Bubbles nw_plc_bubblesmd nw_plc_bubblesmd
Bubbles nw_plc_bubblessm nw_plc_bubblessm
Dust Plume plc_dustplume DustPlume
Flame plc_flamelarge FlameLarge
Flame plc_flamemedium FlameMedium
Flame plc_flamesmall FlameSmall
Flame, Large No Glow x3_plc_flame001 x3_plc_flame001
Flame, Medium No Glow x3_plc_flame002 x3_plc_flame002
Flame, Small No Glow x3_plc_flame003 x3_plc_flame003
Lightshaft, Blue x3_plc_slightb x3_plc_slightb
Lightshaft, Green x3_plc_slightg x3_plc_slightg
Lightshaft, Red x3_plc_slightr x3_plc_slightr
Lightshaft, White x3_plc_slightw x3_plc_slightw
Lightshaft, Yellow Large x3_plc_ylightl x3_plc_ylightl
Lightshaft, Yellow Medium x3_plc_ylightm x3_plc_ylightm
Lightshaft, Yellow Small x3_plc_ylights x3_plc_ylights
Magic Sparks plc_magicblue MagicSparksBlue
Magic Sparks plc_magiccyan MagicSparksCyan
Magic Sparks plc_magicgreen MagicSparksGreen
Magic Sparks plc_magicorange MagicSparksOrange
Magic Sparks plc_magicpurple MagicSparksPurple
Magic Sparks plc_magicred MagicSparksRed
Magic Sparks plc_magicwhite MagicSparksWhite
Magic Sparks plc_magicyellow MagicSparksYellow
Mist x3_plc_mist x3_plc_mist
Portal nw_plc_portal2 nw_plc_portal2
Portal plc_portal Portal
Shaft of Light plc_solblue ShaftofLightBlue
Shaft of Light plc_solcyan ShaftofLightCyan
Shaft of Light plc_solgreen ShaftofLightGreen
Shaft of Light plc_solorange ShaftofLightOrange
Shaft of Light plc_solred ShaftofLightRed
Shaft of Light plc_solwhite ShaftofLightWhite
Shaft of Light plc_solyellow ShaftofLightYellow
Shaft of Light plc_solpurple ShaftofLightPurple
Shaft of Water x3_plc_swater x3_plc_swater
Smoke, Evil x3_plc_smokemag x3_plc_smokemag
Summoning Circle x2_plc_scircle X2_PLC_SCIRCLE

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress, contributor: Tyndrel