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Voice Set (Overview)

Voices for various characters in the game. For more details on the individual files that make up a voice set, see the " Voice Set " category.


Character Name File Prefix Type Description Dialog of Introduction Expansion
 ??? vs_nx0tymom NPC, partial Ancient, elemental spirit or dragon. Listed in files but no Voice Set found. So, what have we here? (rumble, effects) SoU
Aarin Gend vs_ngendm NPC, partial Deep, rugged. Versatile. Equally good for evil or dark fighters and more. Well met. -
Agarly vs_nx2agarf NPC, partial References herself in every bit of dialogue. I hate that. Real thick accent. And dumb. Ello. HotU
Arden Swift vs_nx2ardem NPC, partial Somewhat older male. Good-natured, versatile. Hail, traveler. HotU
Aribeth vs_naribetf NPC, partial Overexposed in NWN campaign, a mix of anger and sweetness. Hammy. Greetings and well met. -
Aribeth XP2 Blackguard vs_nx2arief Henchman Aribeth's back, but this time she's evil, bad, bad, bad! Strong effect. What now? (echo effect) HotU
Aribeth XP2 Paladin vs_nx2arigf Henchman Aribeth again, with a happy gooder-than-good attitude! Strong effect. Welcome. (echo effect) HotU
Armand vs_nx2armam NPC, partial Deep, smarmy, European accent. Villainous leader. Welcome. HotU
Asabi Thrall vs_nx0asabm NPC, partial Toady, says 'master' a lot. Kobold? Weak, raspy and whiny. Huh? SoU
Ashtara vs_nx0ashtm NPC, partial Deep, Russian accent. Desert warrior chieftain. Come, let us share wine together. SoU
Avariel, Female vs_nx2avarf Monster Strong and righteous female voice. Angel. I bid you greetings. HotU
Avariel, Male vs_nx2avarm Monster Only listed when Both/All filters are chosen. Strong, righteous male. Greetings. HotU
Ayala vs_nx0ayalf NPC, partial Listed when the male filter is chosen. Nice female voice, young. Good paladin, etc. Greetings, my friend. SoU
Berger vs_nx2bergm NPC, partial Big idiot. Not very intelligent. Drawls, stutters a lot. Uhhhh, hello. HotU
Boatman vs_nx2boatm NPC, partial Charon type. Evil boatman. Bit raspy, pretends to civility. Welcome. HotU
Boddyknock Glinckle vs_favhen6m NPC, full Scholarly, small voice. Greetings, friend. -
Celestial, Female, Guardian vs_ncelestf NPC, partial Echo effect. I greet you. (slight echo effect) -
Child, Female vs_nchildf1 NPC, partial Child. A bit scary. Hi. -
Child, Male, Brat vs_nchildm2 NPC, partial Child. A bit annoying. Hi there. -
Child, Male, Pleasant vs_nchildm1 NPC, partial Child. Could be a female adolescent, too, I suppose... Hello. -
Daelan Red Tiger vs_favhen3m NPC, full Deep, rough, warrior type. Well met, friend. -
Daelan XP2 vs_nx2daelm Henchman Deep, rough, warrior type. Well met, friend. HotU
Deekin Scalesinger vs_nx0deekm NPC, full Kobold. Whiny, raspy and weak. Rather useless outside of SoU, eh? Deekin greets the noble hero! SoU
Deekin XP2 vs_nx2deekm Henchman Kobold. Whiny, raspy and weak. Rather useless outside of SoU, eh? Deekin greets the noble hero! HotU
Desther vs_ndesthem NPC, partial Formal, noble sounding or scholarly type. Greetings to you. (almost Gleetings) -
Deva vs_nx2divaf NPC, partial Cheerleader and head of glee club, on speed. Hii! HotU
Dorna Trapspringer vs_nx0dornf NPC, full Gravelly, slight Irish accent, sounds like a tough old woman. Dwarven references. Well met. SoU
Dragon, Female, Brass Gorg vs_ndbrassf NPC, partial Rumble, echo effect. I am listening… -
Dragon, Female, Green Akula vs_ndgreenf NPC, partial Rumble, echo effect. (grumble) You have my attention. -
Dragon, Male, Red Klauth vs_ndredm NPC, partial Rumble, echo effect. You have my attention for the moment. (echo) -
Dragon, Male, White Evil Guardian vs_ndwhitem NPC, partial Rumble, echo effect. I am listening to you… -
Drogan Droganson vs_nx0drogm NPC, partial Sean Connery if he played a dwarf. Good, versatile, but mostly for dwarves. Well hello there. SoU
Drow Imloth vs_nx2imlom NPC, partial Curt. Warrior, scout or spy. Only one drow-specific line. Yes. HotU
Drow Matron2 vs_nx2betyf NPC, partial Wicked, witch-like. Slight accent. Drow. I greet you. HotU
Drow Seer vs_nx2seerf NPC, partial A good drow female? Rather good voice if not so many specific references. You are most welcome. HotU
Drow, Matron vs_nx2drprf NPC, partial Hag-like, bitchy. Be warned, her _hi is enough to shrivel any interest in her looks. Get on with it. HotU
Drow, Rebel vs_nx2drslm Monster Friendly. Young. Good. Rather versatile. Hello. HotU
Drow, Wizard vs_nx2drmgm Monster Weasel-y, nasal. Wicked, cackling. What do you want? (annoyed) HotU
Duergar, Chief vs_nx2duerf Monster Female listed with male filter. Curt, rough and gruff female voice. Dwarf, etc. Yes. HotU
Duergar, Slaver vs_nx2duerm Monster Gruff, boisterous. Curt. Slathering. Yeah!? HotU
Durnan vs_nx2durnm NPC, partial Big fellow, subdued and mostly friendly. Good half-orc, maybe? Greetings, adventurer. HotU
Dwarf, Male, Evil Thug vs_nthugxm3 NPC, partial English accent, rough, deep. Good low class villain. Well met. -
Dwarf, Male, Older, Grouch vs_ngnbarm4 NPC, partial Scottish accent, rough, deep, but lively. Good dwarf, agitated fighter type. Heeey, what? -
Dwarf, Male, Typical vs_nprelum1 NPC, partial Bill Cosby's dwarf imitation. Or larger, grunting type, or shopkeeper. Hellooo there! (then chuckles) -
Dwarf, Male, Veteran vs_ndwarfm1 NPC, partial This is what I'd call a typical dwarf. Hail to ye! -
Elf, Female, Commoner, Pleasant vs_ngnbarf4 NPC, partial Young, light, small sounding voice. Would you like something? -
Elf, Female, Guard vs_nnwgrdf1 NPC, partial Somewhat formal. I greet you. -
Elf, Female, Noble vs_nx0maltf NPC, full Reserved, upper class, but still rather light and bubbly. Wizard references. Yes, hello. (impatient) SoU
Elf, Female, Sensible vs_ngnbarf1 NPC, partial Nice, versatile. Hello there. -
Elf, Female, Typical vs_ndruidf1 NPC, partial Whispery, much of the dialogue is quite subdued. Greetings to you. -
Elf, Female, Wizard vs_nwizarf1 NPC, partial Somewhat accented, rolling R's. All wizards are Russian? Interesting… Well met. -
Elf, Male, Brooding vs_nelfxxm1 NPC, partial It's Crocodile Dundee! An Australian accent? Good rowdy type. Not really brooding. Hello there. -
Elf, Male, Cleric vs_nclerim3 NPC, partial Small sounding voice, noble or scholar. A bit fruity. Well met! -
Elf, Male, Guard, Mature Officer vs_nnwgrdm2 NPC, partial Older, smooth, deep. Versatile. This is a bit more brooding, I'd say. I greet you. -
Elf, Male, Slight, Lilting vs_nprelum3 NPC, partial Real fruity. Elf. Only elf. Greetings of the fair folk to you. -
Elf, Male, Typical vs_nneverxm NPC, partial Slightly terse. Good elf voice without being too fruity. Well met. -
Elf, Male, Upper-Class vs_nnwcomm2 NPC, partial Sensitive or upper-class type, fairly versatile. Not too fruity, but on the edge. Well met. -
Elf, Male, Wizard vs_nx0cortm NPC, partial Forgotten Realms specifics in the voice. I hate that. This guy's a fruity wizard. I greet you, in the name of Mystra. SoU
Female, Adventurer vs_fx2advef Player, full Somewhat bland but versatile voice. Young. Wet, smacky lips. Greetings. HotU
Female, Berserker vs_fx0bersf Player, full Somewhat rugged, slightly accented, good for dwarf female or barbarian What do you want? (annoyed) SoU
Female, Brutish Thug vs_fthugf Player, full Raspy, grating, accented and not too feminine. Good for half-orc barbarian. Hello to you, there. -
Female, Cold Killer vs_fkillerf Player, full Somewhat school-marmish for a killer. _hi somewhat weak, others not bad. Greetings and well met. -
Female, Feisty vs_fx0feisf Player, full Mature, not too girlish. Versatile female voice, for somewhat rougher types. Hey there! SoU
Female, Fighter vs_ffightf Player, full Good, even tone, somewhat mature. Good for not just fighters. _hi subdued. Greetings to you. -
Female, Guardian Reserved vs_frangerf Player, full _hi annoying. A bit deep and mature. Warm winds and hello. -
Female, Healer vs_fx2healf Player, full Somewhat mature and stuffy. Subdued but kind. Good day to you. HotU
Female, Innocent Idealist vs_fshaldrf Player, full Somewhat adolescent, light, ditzy blonde-ish. Seems to fit smaller characters. Well hello there. -
Female, Maiden vs_fx2maidf Player, full Very young, innocent. Light and cheery. Hi there! HotU
Female, Mature Commander vs_fx0huskf Player, full Nasal, gruff, stern. Good for large, frumpy type. Kind of annoying. Pleasure to see you. SoU
Female, Noble Matron vs_fophalaf Player, full Sounds like a large woman. Well helloo! -
Female, Noble Scholar vs_feltoorf Player, full Formal, young and a bit on edge. I bid you hello. -
Female, Playful vs_fx0slinf Player, full Young, flirty, rather light and breathy. Gets very… excited. Damn, she's hot… Why hello there. Pleased to meet you. SoU
Female, Quiet Leader vs_fx0quief Player, full Deeper, strong, reserved voice. Good paladin, cleric. Doesn't get too excited at all. Hail and well met. SoU
Female, Rogue vs_fx2roguf Player, full Light and cheery, somewhat smaller sounding voice. Good halfling rogue. How's it going? HotU
Female, Seductress vs_fseductf Player, full Young, nice. Some dialogue is indeed... as advertised… Well hello there. -
Fenthick vs_nfenthim NPC, partial Noble or scholar type. Versatile. Hello, and welcome to you. -
Gnome, Male, Annoying vs_ngnomem1 NPC, partial Yup. Good dayy! -
Gnome, Male, Older vs_nthugxm2 NPC, partial Rough, grumbly. Could be dwarf, gnome, shopkeeper. Greetings! -
Gnome, Male, Pleasant vs_ngnomem2 NPC, partial Super polite, fruity, small but solid voice. Hello there. (almost sing-songy) -
Gnome, Male, Typical vs_nprelum2 NPC, partial Elf, gnome or halfling, noble human. Greetings! -
Goblin King vs_ngobkngm NPC, partial Goblin, stupid, good grovelling monster voice. You welcome here. -
Golem, Metal vs_nx2golgm Monster Metallic effect. Deep. Golem voice. I bid you greetings. (metallic effect) HotU
Golem, Organic vs_nx2golbm Monster Deep, rumbling, raspy, ponderous. Golem voice. Welcome. HotU
Grimgnaw vs_favhen5m NPC, full Raspy, rattle of death voice. Good for evil cleric, monk of death. Really… Welcome, friend. -
Grovel vs_nx2goblm NPC, partial Rat-like, toady monster type. References his own name, how un-useful. Hello. Hi there. Greetings. HotU
Haedraline vs_nhaedraf NPC, partial Raspy, snakelike, female lich? Grreetingsss of the age to you… -
Halaster vs_nx2halam NPC, partial Agitated, somewhat psychotic. Speaks in rhymes or doubles. Annoying. Hello, hello. HotU
Half-Orc, Female, Baroness vs_nx0uppsf NPC, partial Slow and annoying, deep and snooty. Could be a beefcake transvestite. Why do you disturb me? (breathy) SoU
Half-Orc, Female, Lout vs_nthugxf1 NPC, partial Deep, gravelly, raspy. Gollum's sister? Hits sound like dog barks. Whhhat? -
Half-Orc, Male, Chieftain vs_nbarbam2 NPC, partial Rough, rumbly, deep. A bit stupid. Sounds like he has fangs in his mouth (half-orc). I greet you. -
Half-Orc, Male, Gruff Lout vs_nhalorm1 NPC, partial Rough. Deep. Slow. Barbarian. Helloo. -
Halfelf, Male, Agitated vs_nquintm NPC, partial Agitated, yes. Fruity, yes. Hii! Yes! What? -
Halfling, Female, Sensible vs_nhalflf1 NPC, partial Bit deep for a halfling, could use for any fighter, cleric type… Tis a pleasure to speak with you. -
Halfling, Female, Typical vs_nprelum4 NPC, partial Listed when the male filter is chosen. Halfling cheerleader from Fargo. Hello there! -
Halfling, Male, Typical vs_nhalflm1 NPC, partial Yup. Pleased to see you. -
Heurodis vs_nx0heurf NPC, partial Ancient medusa, evil hag perhaps. Angry. Some magic effects. A mortal comes before me I see. SoU
Human, Female, Barbarian vs_nbarbaf1 NPC, partial German accented brute. Yes, vhat? -
Human, Female, Barmaid, Flirty vs_ngnbarf3 NPC, partial Kind, somewhat small voice. What can I get you? -
Human, Female, Courtesan, Accent vs_nprostf3 NPC, partial Sleazy, throaty, accent. Bonjour? French in a fantasy game? Okay... Bonjour, hello. -
Human, Female, Courtesan, Friendly vs_nprostf1 NPC, partial Young, bit sleazy, seductive. Well, hello to you. -
Human, Female, Courtesan, Obvious vs_nprostf2 NPC, partial Mature, sleazy. Looking for a good time? -
Human, Female, Evil, Fanatic vs_nfanatf1 NPC, partial Angry, witch-like. Yess? What do you want? -
Human, Female, Guard, Sedos vs_nnwgrdf2 NPC, partial A bit kind for a guard… Something I can do for you? -
Human, Female, Middle-Age Commoner vs_nnwcomf1 NPC, partial A bit mature, formal for a commoner… I greet you. -
Human, Female, Noble, Caring vs_nnwnobf1 NPC, partial Somewhat sultry. Hello. -
Human, Female, Noble, Snobbish vs_nnwnobf2 NPC, partial Large-sounding voice. Welcome to you. -
Human, Female, Noble, Unfriendly vs_nwncomf4 NPC, partial Curt, versatile. Hello. -
Human, Female, Older Commoner vs_nnwcomf2 NPC, partial Somewhat older, true peasant. Good business to you. -
Human, Female, Older, Strange Hermit vs_ncomolf1 NPC, partial Crazy old hermit lady is right. Greetings! -
Human, Female, Young, Pleasant vs_nnwcomf3 NPC, partial Versatile, true peasant. Could work for smaller characters, too. Good tidings to ya! -
Human, Male, Average Joe vs_hhenchm1 NPC, full Good versatile male voice. Not too hammed up. Hey there. -
Human, Male, Barbarian, Good vs_nxxgrdm2 NPC, partial Rough, gravely, accented. Violent. I greet you! -
Human, Male, Barbarian, Stupid vs_nbarbam1 NPC, partial Accented, rough. Somewhat older, less intelligent. Well met! -
Human, Male, Barbarian, Warrior vs_nbarbam3 NPC, partial Bit lispy. Rough, deep. Russian-style accent. Greetings. (accent) -
Human, Male, Blackguard vs_nx0leomm NPC, full Grumbly, deep, some accent. Rugged warrior. Not too evil for a Blackguard. Hello there. SoU
Human, Male, Bully vs_nthugxm1 NPC, partial Bully? This guy sounds more like a dumb, wimpy criminal type. Hello there. -
Human, Male, Commoner, Older vs_nnwcomm1 NPC, partial Older, deep, strong voice. Versatile. Greetings. -
Human, Male, Commoner, Toady vs_nwncomm4 NPC, partial This guy is flaming gay. Not that that's a bad thing. Hellooo. -
Human, Male, Commoner, Uneducated vs_ngnbarm2 NPC, partial Scummy, rough, real peasant type. Tis a long day. I could use a drink. -
Human, Male, Desert Warrior vs_nx0assmm NPC, full Deep, versatile, not too accented. Good guard, etc. Some desert references. My greetings. SoU
Human, Male, Drunk vs_nwncomm5 NPC, partial Yup. (hic) Yess? -
Human, Male, Evil, Fanatic vs_nfanatm1 NPC, partial Evil, high strung. Good scheming villain voice. Well met. -
Human, Male, Evil, Methodical Villain vs_nlusgrm2 NPC, partial Rough, strong. Very angry, yelling. Maybe not evil, just PO'd. Salutations! -
Human, Male, Evil, Sly Assassin vs_nlusgrm1 NPC, partial Wicked, scheming type. Annoyed by everything. What? (annoyed) -
Human, Male, Evil, Typical Fighter vs_nlusgrm3 NPC, partial Scottish accent. Not necessarily evil. I greet ya. (accent) -
Human, Male, Farmer vs_nfarmem1 NPC, partial Slight Irish accent. Good earthy type, strong but simple. Greetins. -
Human, Male, Gigolo, Seductive vs_nprostm1 NPC, partial Macho male but… you never know, he could be gay. Helloo. -
Human, Male, Gigolo, Smarmy vs_nprostm2 NPC, partial This has to be an elf prostitute. Gets histrionic. Hi there. -
Human, Male, Guard, Arrogant vs_nnwgrdm1 NPC, partial Stout guard, English accent, definitely needs a moustache… Hello. -
Human, Male, Guard, Good, Rough vs_nnwgrdm3 NPC, partial Strong, deep voice. Versatile. Friendly for a guard. Well met. -
Human, Male, Guard, Gruff vs_nxxgrdm1 NPC, partial More warrior type guard, more dutiful. I greet you. -
Human, Male, Noble, Older, Uncaring vs_nnwnobm2 NPC, partial Stuffy noble type, but a bit more manly than most. I greet you. -
Human, Male, Noble, Snobbish vs_nnwnobm1 NPC, partial Fruity noble type. In the closet, for sure. I greet you. -
Human, Male, Noble, Young and Arrogant vs_nclerkm1 NPC, partial Bit whiny, stressed out bookish type. Yess? Do make it quick! -
Human, Male, Older Shopkeep vs_nshopkm2 NPC, partial Large, friendly man. Gets excitable, though. Hello there. -
Human, Male, Older Slave vs_nwncomm3 NPC, partial Whispery type. Could work for dark alley rogue, outlaw. Huh? -
Human, Male, Older, Confident Leader vs_ndruidm1 NPC, partial Friendly, but gruff. Many references to nature. Druid, ranger? Hello. -
Human, Male, Older, Melancholy vs_nclerim2 NPC, partial Very old, bit hoarse voice. Old wizard, druid, any real old dude. I greet you, my child. -
Human, Male, Older, Muttering Beggar vs_nbeggam1 NPC, partial Pathetic, shivering beggar. Real peasant. Spare a coin, friend? (shaky) -
Human, Male, Older, Street Prophet vs_nbeggam2 NPC, partial Old, muttering man. Could be senile, or just hard of hearing. What? What? What? Uh… Hello! -
Human, Male, Older, World-Weary vs_ngnbarm1 NPC, partial Typical low class proprietor. English accent, pretty funny. Oy, what can I get ya? -
Human, Male, Retired Adventurer vs_nshopkm3 NPC, partial Strong, deep voice. Bit of an Irish accent. Versatile proprietor. What can I do for you? -
Human, Male, Stoic Ranger vs_nrangem1 NPC, partial Jeez, this guy has bad manners. Not too friendly a greeting. What do you want? (annoyed) -
Human, Male, Teen vs_nteenm NPC, partial Nerdy, bit bashful, awkward. Hi there. -
Human, Male, Typical Brash Scumbag vs_nbloodm1 NPC, partial Non-combat phrases actually quite friendly. Versatile. Pirate. Hello. -
Human, Male, Typical Cleric vs_nclerim1 NPC, partial Sounds like a small person's voice. Nasal, scholarly, priestly. Hello to you. -
Human, Male, Typical Druid vs_ngnbarm3 NPC, partial Friendly, deep voice. Turns angry in combat. Versatile. Ello. -
Human, Male, Typical Low-Class Villain vs_nbloodm2 NPC, partial Real pirate-sounding. This is more typical brash scumbag. Aye. Ello there. -
Human, Male, Unsavory Shopkeep vs_nshopkm1 NPC, partial Unsavory? Seems rather friendly to me, bit suspicious maybe. Can I help you? -
Human, Male, Veteran Paladin vs_npaladm1 NPC, partial Yup. Well met. -
Human, Male, Veteran Rogue vs_nroguem1 NPC, partial Self-assured, swaggering kind of rogue, not hardened criminal. Yes? Hello. -
Human, Male, Wizard vs_nwizarm3 NPC, partial Middle-aged, confident wizard. Typical wizardly type. Hello. -
Human, Male, Wizard, Old vs_nwizarm1 NPC, partial Old, powerful-but-acts-kinda-foppish wizard. Good voice. Greetings! -
Imp, Ebrax vs_nebraxxm NPC, partial High pitched, screechy, grovelling, annoying monster voice. I greeet youu! -
Intellect Devourer Victim vs_nintdevm NPC, partial Rough, gravely, evil but dumb. Does voice pitch change when you're possessed? I give you greeting. -
J'Nah vs_nx0jnahf NPC, partial Older woman, slight accent. Disinterested, witchlike. Well, well, what have we, here? SoU
Katriana vs_nx0katrf NPC, full Bit deep and rough, like so many female voices. Accent. Versatile. Hello, there friend. SoU
Knower of Names vs_nx2namef NPC, partial Oracle-type voice. Otherworldly, echoing. A bit fussy, childish. Warm winds. (echo effect) HotU
Knower of Places vs_nx2placf NPC, partial Oracle-type voice. Otherworldly, echoing. Old, nanny-ish. Yes? Who is it? (echo effect) HotU
Legendary Weapon vs_nx2intlm NPC, partial Disembodied voice of intelligent weapon. A rather gay lisp…? Well met. HotU
Lich, Karlat vs_nkarlatm NPC, partial Angry, evil, rough and raspy. Slight accent. Lich. Slight supernatural echo effect. I greet you. (echo effect) -
Lich, Mage vs_nx0headm NPC, partial Evil and powerful, slow and ancient. Scary echoing effects. You are not the master. (heavy effects) SoU
Linu La'neral vs_favhen1f NPC, full Lots of 'dear' and references to her goddess. Otherwise nice. Hey there, dear, how's it going? -
Linu XP2 vs_nx2linuf Henchman Linu again. Blessed be. HotU
Lizardfolk, Male Fanatical vs_nlizardm NPC, partial Snakelike, raspy, hissing, but deep. Lizardman. I am with you! -
Male, Archer vs_fx2archm Player, full Deep, rugged, versatile. Only a tiny bit fruity. Hello! HotU
Male, Boisterous Goodnatured vs_fcallahm Player, full Somewhat older, veteran warrior. Well, hello to you! -
Male, Brash Persistent vs_faldom Player, full Irish sounding, leprechaun. Brash? Okay… Good on ya! Hello! -
Male, Brooding Dark Hero vs_fchristm Player, full Good strong male voice. Brooding? Okay… Well met. Hello. -
Male, Dumb Hero vs_fx0dumbm Player, full Adequate description. Good, loud, dumb guy. Hey there! SoU
Male, Good Wizard vs_fx2wizam Player, full Older, somewhat frazzled magician. I bid you good day. HotU
Male, High-strung Evangelist vs_fneurikm Player, full A little James Brown, a little annoying. Hello, hello! -
Male, Large Rowdy vs_fjalekm Player, full Finally, an adequate description. Yeah. Hello! -
Male, Manic Psychotic vs_fsirilm Player, full Another adequate description. Funny for a while, then quite annoying. Hello then…. Well… -
Male, Mature Swashbuckler vs_fvengaum Player, full Good, versatile, strong voice. I don't know if it's swashbuckling, but hey… Well met, friend. -
Male, Neutral Warrior vs_fx0subtm Player, full Versatile, strong, somewhat complaining. My greetings to you. SoU
Male, Pious Scholar vs_folefm Player, full Deep, scholarly, strong, wise, but gets riled up as well. Greetings and well met. -
Male, Power-hungry vs_fx0powrm Player, full Deep, somewhat evil. Slow and deliberate. Good villain voice. Yes? SoU
Male, Prankster vs_fx0prnkm Player, full Light, small sounding voice. Good halfling or gnome. Somewhat amusing. Greetings and well met. SoU
Male, Reserved Guardian vs_fnyatarm Player, full Bit deep, rough. Good, solid, versatile voice. Yess. Hello to you. -
Male, Sociopath vs_fx0psycm Player, full Deep, slow. Halting, in a Captain Kirk kind of way. Bit evil. Hello. (sleazy) SoU
Male, Stealth Specialist vs_fx0broom Player, full Deep rogue or brigand voice. Full-sized character, however. What do you want? (annoyed) SoU
Male, Typical Fighter vs_fx2fighm Player, full Somewhat bland but versatile voice. Greetings. HotU
Male, Violent Fighter vs_fclaudum Player, full Rough, loud. Good for fighter or dwarf type. Good ta see ya! -
Maugrim vs_nmaugrim NPC, partial Rough, large voice. Slight accent, bit Transylvanian. Yees. I greet you. -
Medusa, Handmaid vs_nx0csskf NPC, partial Medusa, yep. Snaky. (rasp) Who comes this way? SoU
Mephistopheles vs_nx2mephm NPC, partial Hell, yes! No pun intended, Good voice set, but references his name. You come before a duke of Hell. HotU
Mhaere vs_nx2mhaef NPC, partial Rugged, mature. Good. References Tyr. Good evening. HotU
Minotaur, Zor vs_nzorxxxm NPC, partial vs_nzorxxxm listed in files, but Minotaur, Zor voice set seems to produce no greeting. (Rumble, snort) Greeet you! -
Mischa Waymeet vs_nx0mishf NPC, full Light, kind, young. Trembles when agitated. Wizard references. Greetings, friend. SoU
Morag vs_nmoragf NPC, partial Wicked witch, ghost-like. Echo effect. An age of greetings to you. (echo effect) -
Nasher vs_nnasherm NPC, partial Deep. Scholarly. Strong. Good old wizard voice. I bid you hello. -
Nathyrra vs_nx2nathf Henchman Good, versatile voice, few references to The Seer and what not. Greetings. HotU
Nymph/Dryad, Arwyl vs_nnymphf NPC, partial Young, sultry, quite nice. I welcome and greet you. -
Orc, Pompous vs_norcambm NPC, partial Snorting orcish or beast voice. Hello there to you! (snort) -
Quarry Boss vs_nx2grulm NPC, partial Deep, evil, gravely, but full of threats, insults and cruel laughing. Orc slave boss, etc. Poike off! HotU
Sensei Dharvana vs_nx2sensf NPC, partial Light, cheery. Elf sounding voice. Good for cleric, etc. You are welcome here. HotU
Sharwyn vs_favhen2f NPC, full Young, versatile, nice. Hello there. -
Sharwyn XP2 vs_nx2sharf Henchman Sharwyn again. More accent this time? Well met. HotU
Slave Leader vs_nx2slavm NPC, partial Rather innocuous for a slave leader. Rather bland, overall. Yes? HotU
Sleeping Man vs_nx2sleem NPC, partial Ghostly, older voice. Poltergeist-like echo effect. Accented. Yes? (pre-echo effect) HotU
Sobrey vs_nx2sobrm NPC, partial Smallish, noble type. Friendly. Older. How goes your adventures? HotU
Spirit, male, Zelieph vs_nzeliepm NPC, partial Grovelling, somewhat annoying male spirit, ghostly voice. I wellcome you. (echo effect) -
Succubus, Manipulative vs_nsuccf NPC, partial Sultry, a bit deep, seductive, but also very angry. Dominatrix? Well, hello there. -
The Fairy Queen vs_nx2fairf NPC, partial Light, airy. Small sounding and friendly voice. Fairy-ish indeed. Hello. HotU
The GateKeeper vs_nx2gatem NPC, partial Grim Reaper type. Heavy effects and echo. Lots of references to death. Hail the dead. (echo effect) HotU
The Genie vs_nx2genim NPC, partial Overly animated, friendly sort. Not as wild as Robin Williams, but close. Greetings! HotU
The Ogre Boss vs_nx2ogrem NPC, partial Ogre or orc boss, broken English. Slow, and tusk-mouthed. (Questioning grunt) HotU
Tomi ‘Grin’ Undergallows vs_favhen4m NPC, full Deep, English accent and vernacular, bit rough for halfling voice… Good for rogue. Ow arre ya? -
Tomi XP2 vs_nx2tomim Henchman Deep, English accent and vernacular, bit rough for halfling voice… Good for rogue. Hello. HotU
Valen Shadowbreath vs_nx2valem Henchman Deep, rough, I'd say this is more 'Brooding Dark Hero' -ish. Greetings. HotU
Valsharess vs_nx2matrf NPC, partial Vicious ice-bitch. Shouts crazy names, dunno what they mean. Excellent death. So, we meet at last. HotU
White Thesta vs_nx2whitf NPC, partial Mature and breathy. I dunno, she's kinda hot… Limited, references Lady Firehair. A fair evening to you. HotU
Wraith, Drawl vs_ndrawlm NPC, partial Ghostly, cursed or possessed voice, angry, maybe evil. I greet you. -
Xanos vs_nx0xanom NPC, full Deep, Russian accent. Barbarian or gypsy type. Entertaining dwarf or orc. You have something to say? SoU
Yuan-Ti, Female, Gulnan vs_ngulnanf NPC, partial Snakelike raspiness. Swamp creature? I grreet you. -

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress, contributor: Tyndrel