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Include library holding the code for WalkWayPoints.

NOTE: This file includes x0_i0_spawncond .


Name Value Brief Description
NW_WALK_FLAG_BACKWARDS 0x00000008 Set when the creature is walking back.

If set, the creature will walk its waypoints constantly, moving on in each OnPerception event.

NW_WALK_FLAG_INITIALIZED 0x00000001 If set, the creature's waypoints have been initialized.
NW_WALK_FLAG_IS_DAY 0x00000004 Set when the creature is walking day waypoints.


Name Brief Description


Checks to see if an NPC has a valid waypoint to walk to.


Determine whether a creature has associated waypoints.
GetNearestWalkWayPoint Get the number of the nearest of the creature's current set of waypoints (respecting day/night).
GetNextWalkWayPoint Get the creature's next waypoint. If it has just become day/night, or if this is the first time we're getting a waypoint, we go to the nearest waypoint in our new set.
GetWalkCondition Get whether the condition is set.
GetWaypointSuffix Get a waypoint number suffix, padded if necessary.
LookUpWalkWayPoints Look up the caller's waypoints and store them on the creature.
SetWalkCondition Set a given condition.


Make an NPC creature walk a series of preset waypoints.

  author: Mistress